Engaging Your Children in Arts and Crafts: New Year, New Mama Guest Post

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Engaging your children in arts and crafts at home doesn't have to be complicated. You don't need a million supplies or spend a ton of money. You will need some patience and a realistic attitude. Most crafts don't last a long time. Don't worry you aren't doing anything wrong, once you have been crafting a while you will figure out what your child likes to do the most and adjust. Wear washable clothes ( you and the kids) , make sure nothing close by could be ruined by flying paint or glitter and enjoy!

Here are 5 easy peasy crafts that you can do with 5 or fewer materials. Told you it can be easy!

Potato Masher Painting

potato masher painting

Shape Snake

shape snake

Paper Plate Ladybug

paper plate lady bug

Cookie Cutter Prints

cookie cutter prints

Recycled Rainbow

recycled rainbow

Allie is the brilliant, creative mom behind No Time for Flashcards - a must-see resource for parents looking for craft projects and children's book recommendations. I know I'll be hitting up the Letter of the Week posts to help Preschool Boy with shape and sound recognition. Follow No Time for Flash Cards on Twitter and Facebook for the latest projects and parenting discussions.

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