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Embracing the Messy Moments

Photo by Stuart Ramson/Invision for Bounty/AP Images

Photo by Stuart Ramson/Invision for Bounty/AP Images

Photo by Stuart Ramson/Invision for Bounty/AP Images

Photo by Stuart Ramson/Invision for Bounty/AP Images

Mess and motherhood—the two go hand in hand.

My son was born exactly four years and three months ago, and not a single day has gone by without a spill, drip, drop, or explosion of some sort… Yes, sloppiness goes with the territory. And now that I have two tikes, I’ve got double the disaster zone at home.


Just yesterday we did some painting. Needless to say with two toddler artists, more paint got on their faces, their hands, and the table, than their multicolored abstract masterpieces. Thankfully, I had the “quicker picker upper” on my side. Bounty to the rescue, as always—you could say it’s mommy’s little helper and a secret weapon, too.

Last week, Momtrends joined NYC bloggers and their children at a Messy First Moments event hosted by Bounty and designer, author, and celebrity mom, Kristin Cavallari. With three little ones at home, the reality star turned real-life mama knows a thing or two about cleanup time. She’ll be celebrating her youngest daughter, Saylor’s first birthday next month, and she’s prepared with lots of fun—albeit messy—activities and a bounty of, well, Bounty.

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Photo by Stuart Ramson/Invision for Bounty/AP Images

Photo by Stuart Ramson/Invision for Bounty/AP Images

Alongside Kristin, we were invited to get our hands dirty and engage in all sorts of crafty silliness. We made mommy-and-me hand-print canvases, used droppers to drizzle food coloring onto paper-towel flowers, and, best of all, decorated our own smash cakes. Little ones were then professionally photographed devouring their desserts—frosting mustaches and all! The mess factor was rivaled only by the level of cuteness!

Whether it’s a first birthday party, a preschool play date, or an average Tuesday at home, Bounty wants moms to live in the moment and enjoy playtime, rather than worry about the messy aftermath.


I’m “soaking up” every yogurt face, chocolate beard, and “uh-oh” moment—because I know Bounty will too – in fact, it’s 2x more absorbent vs. the leading ordinary brand. No crying over spilled milk here! I’m sharing five tips to help you conquer the mess and enjoy the moment too. Because, they’re only little once; and while the mayhem is temporary, the memories will last forever.

  1. Let It Go: It may sound like a cliché, but the fact is you have to make the most of all these precious fleeting first moments—first taste of cake, first time using a spoon, first time finger painting, you name it. Let babies be babies and kids be kids—dirty faces, sticky hands, and all.
  2. Messiness and Creativity Go Together: Crafting, cooking, and baking aren’t always “tidy.” But they’re also amazing bonding activities. Exploring texture, touch, and, yes, making a mess is all part of learning and growing for kids.
  3. Make a Paper-Towel Table Cloth: Of course, the above statement doesn’t mean you need to let your kids draw on the walls and paint the dining room table. Before starting a project, lay down Bounty paper towels as a base. That way, when you’re done you can just wrap it all up and throw it out!
  4. Make Cleanup Easier: Keep a roll of Bounty paper towels in most rooms for convenient clean up. A roll for the car is also always a good idea too! Because it’s so absorbent, the roll can last 50% longer too.
  5. Improvise and Make Believe: While you’re taking in those important baby milestones and toddler moments, don’t forget to get in on the playtime too. Seize the moment, be spontaneous, and improvise. Wrap your kids up as paper-towel mummies or roll out the “white carpet” for a fashion show! The fun is endless when you use your imagination and embrace a little mess… `

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