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Easy Access to Lactation Consultants

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While breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed your baby, it is also not the easiest task to master. To help nursing moms out we are excited to share the news about Doctor On Demand and their new team of Lactation Consultants to its practice. Through a partnership with UpSpring Baby, one-on-one Video Visits with Lactation Consultants are available to breastfeeding moms. To learn more about this service, we chatted with Julie Jumonville of UpSpring baby about this exciting new offering.


Momtrends: How does Doctor on Demand work?

Julie JumonvilleDoctor on Demand launched a year ago to provide fast, convenient, and high-quality medical care to patients. Using the Doctor on Demand App, consumers can see a primary care physician, psychologist or lactation consultant at a time that's convenient for them, from the comfort of their home, for roughly half the average cost of an in-office visit.

Doctor on Demand, in partnership with UpSpring Lactation, will enable breastfeeding moms to visit with a lactation consultant from the privacy and comfort of home. Using the Doctor on Demand app, mom can schedule at her convenience a video visit using her smartphone, tablet or laptop with one of UpSpring Lactation’s hand-selected, board certified Lactation Consultants.

Momtrends: How can this help breastfeeding mothers? 

Julie JumonvilleWomen have been breastfeeding their infants for centuries, but breastfeeding doesn’t always come easy. According to the CDC 79% of moms initiate breastfeeding, but breastfeeding rates drop to 40% at 12 weeks. Our mission at UpSpring Lactation/Doctor on Demand is to provide one-on-one professional support to help manage common breastfeeding concerns.

By quickly and easily scheduling a video visit with a certified Lactation Consultant we help mom get the breastfeeding help she needs as soon as possible and from the comfort of her mom. And because breastfeeding issues can arise at any time, UpSpring Lactation Consultants are available seven days a week from 7am EST/4am PST to 1am EST/11pm PST for virtual visits with breastfeeding mothers.

Our Lactation Consultants are International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) each with up to 2,000 hours of training in the field of breastfeeding and patient care. This certification is the gold standard for Lactation Consultants and the rigorous education makes IBCLCs more qualified to trouble-shoot and consider multiple avenues to solve mom’s breastfeeding issues. UpSpring Lactation consultants are hand selected to ensure the highest quality of care and have worked with thousands of moms helping them create the breastfeeding experience that fits both mom and baby.

Momtrends: What is the sign up process like? 

Julie JumonvilleEasy.

Step 1 - Download the Free Doctor on Demand App on your smartphone, or laptop

Step 2 - Complete the brief registration and intake questions online

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Step 3 - Select a Lactation Consultant

Step 4 - Select the date/time for your video visit with the Lactation Consultant

Step 5 – Virtually meet with the Lactation Consultant using your smartphone, or laptop

Momtrends: What additional services do you offer breastfeeding mothers? 

Julie Jumonville: Our focus is on breastfeeding so UpSpring Lactation Consultants are available to address any breastfeeding issue or concern mom may have.

Momtrends: What are some common issues that new moms have with breastfeeding? How can Doctor on Demand help?

Julie Jumonville: Through the Doctor on Demand App, UpSpring Lactation consultants are at the ready, even at off hours, to help guide and support breastfeeding mothers. The most common breastfeeding issues fall into two categories, issues affecting baby and issues affecting mom.

Issues Affecting Baby

Examples include not feeding, not feeding properly, does not want to start feeding, excessively fussy during feeding and more.

Issues Affecting Mother

Examples include breast issues such as plugged milk ducts, mastitis, latch issues causing nipple pain and soreness, not producing enough milk/too much/not at all, issues with using a breast pump, medication questions, returning to work, weaning and more.

The UpSpring Lactation consultants can see mom the same day to coach her through any of the issues listed above. Through their extensive experience, our Lactation Consultants can counsel mom on practical solutions on issues such as unplugging milk ducts by adjusting baby’s position when feeding or help her set up her breast pump so she can start saving breast milk for when she returns to work. Also since newborns do not receive their first round of shots until 8 weeks after birth, virtually meeting with the Lactation Consultant helps mom avoid having to expose baby to germs at the doctor’s office or taking baby out in inclement weather.

With the busy holiday travel season, UpSpring Lactation consultants are available to see mom from home or on the road to address any breastfeeding issues or concerns.

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