Easter Basket Shopping Guide: Gifts for Minecraft Addicts


My son is obsessed - OBSESSED - with Minecraft. A typical conversation with him goes like this: "Mom! Guess what?" "What?" "There's this mod...." Or, "Mom! Guess what? I have a new trap for a zombie creeper monster space invader." Okay, that's just what it sounds like to me because I do not play and, despite my best efforts, I really have no idea what my son is talking about when he talks Minecraft. But, he talks about it all.the.time.

So while I can't fully embrace the Minecraft addition, I am willing to enable it a bit with some (awesome) Minecraft Easter basket ideas.

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  1. Creeper Tee ($10). I have no idea what a creeper is, but my kid does and he talks about them a lot so I gather it's a rather big part of Minecraft. So wear a (very affordable) Creeper Tee! Awesome.
  2. Redstone Ore Nightlight ($22). I have no idea what Redstone Ore is, but my son mentions it so I gather it's a part of Minecraft. And, even though I don't really know what it has to do with Minecraft I know this nightlight is freaking awesome.
  3. Minecraft Micro World ($35). LEGO + Minecraft = Awesome.
  4. Marshmallow Creeps ($5). I still have no idea what a creeper is, but I do know that PEEPS are an Easter Basket staple. That makes the Marshmallow Creeps a must-have for a kid like mine. Sweet and awesome. (And also a mean April Fool's Joke for those of us with Minecraft addicts. Try these Minecraft candy ideas on Etsy.)
  5. Minecraft: Essential Handbook ($5). Perhaps I should read the Essential Handbook since I'm the one who is clueless about Minecraft? No doubt this is also a great way to interest reluctant readers who are addicted to Minecraft. Reading (even about Minecraft) is awesome.
  6. Minecraft Papercraft Shelter Set ($15). I have no idea what an Overworld is or why one needs a Shelter, but my son talks about building things. This paper craft set will entice him away from the computer to create IRL. Awesome.



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