Cute Doodle Pants for Babies and Toddlers


I just discovered the cutest leggings for my toddler from Doodle Pants, a company that offers an adorable line-up of leggings geared toward tots.

Featuring cute printed leggings with hearts, stripes and shapes, every Doodle Pant also has a saying or a picture displayed on the tush like 'love,' 'meow,' and 'sweet.' My daughter has been wearing the super sweet Cats Meow leggings that is an ode to the 80s with its cool mix and match of colors and shapes. I also love the Car, Whale, and My Loveprinted leggings that provide tots with comfort and warmth without restriction.

Created to be a comfy and snug option for those who are still in their diapers as well as those who have grown out of that stage, all of the Doodle Pants are made from a soft stretchy material, these leggings move along with their wearer and won't lose their shape, even for the most vigorous crawler. When they've had their fun and it's time to clean up, simply throw the pants in the wash and tumble dry.

No article of children's clothing would be complete without a fun, fanciful, or vibrantly colored design! Doodle Pants took these pillars of kids' fashion to heart when creating their product line, but with an all-new twist. Emblazoned across the bottom portion of each pair is a silly doodle of something they'll especially love.

As for their other charms, they are not too thick, which means kids can wear them throughout the year. Instead of running out each season to buy a whole new wardrobe, parents can rest easy and give their pocket book a hiatus by dressing their little ones up in irresistibly cute pairs of Doodle Pants.

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