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Cool New Tennis Club for Kids

Court 16 Tennis

Our kids are so busy. From after school programs to weekend activities, we want to make sure that we make the best of what is offered to find the perfect activities for our little ones. Living in NYC, we have access to so many of these programs and recently tested out the fun and educational tennis services at Court 16, the coolest new tennis court for kids.


Located in Brooklyn, this state-of-the-art tennis and15,000 square foot club features permanent USTA- sanctioned indoor courts custom-sized for child athletes; first of its kind in the country. Having never had any tennis lessons before I was excited for my daughter to try out one of their classes. The classes are segmented by age - starting at age 3 - where kids can learn the fundamentals of the sport while optimizing instruction to hone each child’s unique set of skill.

Court 16
Court 16 Review

My daughter had at a blast on this brightly lit court as she learned the skills to holding the racket to getting comfortable on the court - all which was stimulating and nurturing as it built her confidence with the game. I also loved to see how excited and thrilled she was after her lesson.

Court 16 REview

Founded by Anthony Evrard, who experienced firsthand the lasting effects a caring community and positive sporting experience can have on a kid’s life, inspired the concept for the innovative children's tennis club. Based on the philosophy that tennis education should both motivate and empower children during early developmental years, the club's age-specific programming is designed to promote confidence, self-esteem, social fluency as well as sportsmanship on and off the court.

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Court 16 Rev

“I’ve experienced firsthand the lasting effects a caring community and positive sporting experience can have on a child’s life, which inspired the concept for Court 16,” said Anthony Evrard, Founder and CEO at Court 16. “We are excited to inspire a new generation of players and create an inclusive community of tennis lovers within Brooklyn, giving kids an inventive space to play, learn and grow.”

Fostering an environment for learning, education and confidence, we love the values and empowering skills that tennis education can teach children during early developmental years. The club’s stimulating and nurturing environment is designed to promote confidence, self-esteem, social fluency as well as sportsmanship on and off the court.

Additionally, Court 16 will offer birthday parties and a fun winter camp (see below).

Winter Camp will take place from Monday, December 29th – Friday, January 2nd with the exception of January 1st when the club will be closed for the holiday.
Morning sessions are from 9am – 12pm for Freshman and Sophomores
Afternoon sessions are from 1pm – 4pm for Juniors and Seniors (Freshman can be accommodated on Conditioning Court)
The 4-day camp is $380 for members or $440 for non-members
1/2 day sessions can be purchased individually for $105 for members or $120 for non members. To sign up, please call the club at 718.875.5550

Want to teach your kids? I went to local coach Esther Forrester to get tips for working with kids in tennis. Here in NYC we are getting excited for the US Open. Tennis is a wonderful family activity and you can start your kids on the sport early. Forget about full matches, just get them excited about whacking the ball and running around on the court.

  1. Use oversize foam balls or low pressure balls as they bounce slower and travel further. Consider the Prince Play & Stay Stage 3 Tennis Ball designed just for kids ages 5-8.
  2. If your child is very small- consider using a mitt like racquet instead of a full size junior racquet.
  3. Place a ball on a tee ball bat or on a string and then have your kids try to hit the ball. This makes it much more manageable for young kids.
  4. Play show and tell with your children. If you want to help them improve- show them how to do it. For example, if you want to help the kids hit the ball in front of them hold your hand out in front of them so that they can see where to hit it. Some of the concepts in tennis are difficult to verbalize.
  5. Go crazy over The Grand Slams (French Open end of May, Wimbledon End of June, US Open End of August and Australian Open end of January) and watch them on television to keep your kids interested in tennis. If you are in NYC, consider taking them to Arthur Ashe Kids Day which is before the commencement of the US Open.

Esther Forrester is a seasoned tennis instructor who works with kids in NYC and beyond. She was also a former Division I college player. Please see her website For more tips visit the USTA site.

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