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Cooking Fun with Claire Crespo

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Cooking fun for kids, cooking, claire crespo

Cooking is a great way to get kids excited about food as well as to help them work with you and learn exactly what goes into making a recipe. To help Momtrends out, we spoke with cookbook author and founder of YummyFun Kooking Series Clare Crespo about some of her favorite fun food tips and how to inspire families in the kitchen this summer.

Momtrends: What are some ways parents can get kids involved in the kitchen?

Claire: When jobs can they have? In these busy days, I think its so important to find time to be TOGETHER, right? For me, its just feels so natural to have my daughter (and husband!) get in the kitchen with me! My recipes are part simple food preparation and part art projects, so they are really fun for everyone. An all ages event! This summer, I joined forces with Breyers ice cream. Lucky me! What’s a better blank canvas than Breyers Natural Vanilla ice cream?! My plan is to come up with fun ice cream recipes to help families find delicious moments together! Soooo…long story short…get your kids in that kitchen with you! Give them roles (based on their age/skill). There is something everyone can do! By the way, in my kitchen, it is my husband who needs the simple task, not my little kid! Also, working on an ice cream dessert is a great way to get together, because with the recipes I am coming up with, there are no stoves or ovens being fired up!

Momtrends: What are some of your favorite recipes for busy families?

Claire: For the Fourth of July I loved to make a spin on the sundae bar idea, try making Patriotic Posies! Start with a scoop of Breyers Natural Vanilla or Strawberry ice cream. Fill little bowls with different red, white and blue toppings (candies, sprinkles, marshmallows, whatever you like! Let your family make their own flower! Fun! Or how about Mint Chocolate Chimps Ha! Chimpanzees made out of ice cream, cookies, and candies!! Your little monkeys are going to love that, right?

Momtrends: What are your thoughts on picky eaters?

Claire: Keep trying! Sometimes if you keep trying to introduce something your child, they might surprise you and try it and even LIKE it someday! Also, involving your child in the preparation really makes it more likely that they will try that dish! So let them help out in the kitchen!

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Mint Chocolate Chimps, food, recipes, recipes for kids

Check out Claire's tasty recipe for Mint Chocolate Chimps


  • One scoop (1/2 cup) of Breyers Blasts!® Girl Scout Cookies® Thin Mints® Ice Cream
  • 2 Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies
  • 2 small round candies
  • Red and black decorating icing


    • Cut one of the Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies in half
    • Using the red decorating icing, squeeze a mouth on the lower half of the other cookie
    • Using the black decorating icing, squeeze two black nostrils on the top half of the same cookie
    • Scoop Breyers Blasts!® Girl Scout Cookies® Thin Mints® Ice Cream on dish. Place remaining ice cream to overlap the lower half of bottom scoop
    • Place cookie halves on top sides of ice cream as ears
    • Place whole cookie on lower half of ice cream
    • Place two small round candies above cookie mouth
    • Add two dots of black decorating icing on eyes
    • Serve immediately or pop in freezer until ready to serve
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