Cold & Flu Season Relief

COld and Flu, COld and Flu season

It's back....With the cold weather comes those feelings that we wish we could get around - aches, pains, colds and the flu! Here are our top picks to find relief this season.

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Braun Forehead Thermometer: This is a go-to product in our medicine cabinet. We love how it has a innovative Fever Guidance System that includes a color-coded screen for fever detection, an easy-to-use system, and a simple reading that makes it easy to read your child's temperature swiping the forehead in just seconds.

Vicks FilterFree Cool Mist HumidifierChildren and adults alike can now experience relief from cold and cough symptoms through the use of a humidifier that requires no filter! Offering hassle-free maintenance and operation, the new Vicks FilterFreeCool Mist Humidifier is convenient to use, easy-to-clean, ultra-quiet and offers a 1.2 gallon tank which can run for up to 30 hours between fillings. The unit's rubber feet take the worry out of scratching delicate surfaces.

Pink Vicks Starry Night Cool Moisture HumidifierAlso available in purple, green, blue – and now pink – the Vicks Starry Night Humidifier is ideal for use in nurseries and children's bedrooms. The humidifier releases cool moisture into the air and projects a multicolor changing, star-filled night's sky on walls and the ceiling through the unit's built-in, independently controlled projector. Best used in medium-sized rooms, this model runs for up to 24 hours on a 1 gallon tank and features multiple output settings and quiet operation.

OCEAN for Kids® Saline Nasal Spray: We are big fans of the natural, non-medicated OCEAN for Kids® Saline Nasal Spray. Designed for infants and children, this nasal spray has a smaller spray tip that can fit little noses. It also has glycerin that provides moisture as it soothes dry and irritated nasal passages that is safe for frequent, daily use. Ocean for KIDS® Saline Nasal Spray is available at CVS Pharmacy stores nationwide and retails for $4.99. Visit for more great tips and helpful information. Ocean® Nasal Care is also on Facebook and Twitter!

Swype Shield: We are also excited about Swpe Shield, a physician-invented cold and flu prevention product that killed more than 99 percent of 25 cold and flu viruses in lab testing. This non-toxic clear gel is safely and can be applied on the nostrils, which is where cold and flu viruses most often enter the body.

Baby Comfy Nose: Endorsed by Dr. Sears on The Doctors TV Show, BabyComfyNose is an innovative device that is much more effective and sanitary than the blue bulb syringe used in hospitals. BabyComfyNose uses household facial tissue inserted into the body of the device as a more absorbent and effective filter than foam rubber, as seen in similar devices. The nasal tip is made of soft silicon-type rubber, and fits better and more gently in the baby's nose. BabyComfyNose comes with a handy mesh storage pouch that keeps the pieces together in the dishwasher - simply hang the pouch to dry and then it's ready for the diaper bag. It is available in three colors, so that each child can have his or her own aspirator, which is ideal for siblings and multiples, especially during cold & flu season.

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