Friday Finds: Staying Well and Flu-Free

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We aren't out of the winter cold yet, but don't fret we will soon be featuring oodles of spring coverage in the works to brighten up your day. For now we are talking about sickness prevention and some of our favorite products and things to do when sickness does occur with the kiddos. Stay healthy with some of our favorites.

When you are sick, you want to make sure that you get sufficient rest but that isn't always easy. To gently lull you to sleep, we love Hyland’s Calms Forté®. It works by temporarily relieving symptoms of nervous tension, restless sleep, and occasional sleeplessness. This all-natural sleep aid uses four homeopathically-prepared botanicals to ease your body and your mind, plus six minerals to soothe nerves and edginess. There are no sedatives, so you will wake up feeling refreshed, without that groggy, 'hangover' feeling you get with other sleep aids. Calms Forte contains no Diphenhydramine and has been helping people get their much-needed sleep for over 50 years.

For those who have trouble breathing, we love the Stadler Form humidifiers. Designed in Switzerland, the Stadler Form humidifiers such as the Oskar (MSRP $159.99) and William (MSRP $239.99), were cleverly designed to complement style as well as helping to combat dry skin and congestion during the winter months. Both units, have an integrated hygrostat to allow the humidity to be controlled by the consumer. Additionally, parents can add essential oils into Oskar’s chamber to provide a soothing and therapeutic night’s sleep for their children. With the allergy season in full swing, Stadler Form has hit the nail on the head with these must-haves for every bed room.

For flu-like symptoms, I like to keep my medicine cabinet stocked with Oscillococcinum® (a.k.a. Oscillo), a homeopathic medicine that works naturally with the body rather than suppressing symptoms. Personally, I like how it doesn't cause drowsiness nor does it interfere with other medications. Another bonus is that it is safe for both children (older than 2 years of age) and it has been clinically studies show to not only reduces the severity of flu-like symptoms, such as body aches, fever, and fatigue, but also the duration when taken early on.

When sickness does occur you want to make sure that you have your medicine stocked with fever and pain-relieving essentials for the kids like Children’s Advil®. Available in Bubble Gum, Blue Raspberry and Dye-free White Grape as well as convenient Grape Chewables and an easy-to-swallow small tablet. Infants’ Advil Drops® (also in dye-free white grape), this formula lasts for 8 hours - offering your kids instant relief so they can feel like themselves fast! Also, be sure to check out the Children’s Advil® Feel Better Activity Center located on the Children’s Advil® Facebook page where you can find fun activities and tips on how to stay healthy this season.

When sickness does occur and you are waiting for the medicine or sleep to do its magic, we let our kids watch some movies, and our latest favorite is the new DVD, Peppa Pig: My Birthday Party. Ideal for ages 2-7, this fun-filled DVD follows the wholesome adventures of Peppa and her family that are always filled with loud snorts of laughter as well as themes that kids can relate to and reinforces strong values such as family, friendship, trust and humor.

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