Changing the Story of Hunger

No Kid Hungry

While we are loving sharing delicious Thanksgiving recipes, there are also a lot of people that won't be enjoying the holidays the sam way. In fact, 16 million kids in America struggle with hunger.

Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign is ending childhood hunger in this nation by making sure all kids get the healthy food they need, every day. Making sure kids have access to school meals can make a huge difference. The No Kid Hungry campaign is working with partners across the country to rethink how school meals are served, whether in the classroom or on the go, which can change a child’s day, week and even her future.

To illustrate the fear and pain hunger causes a child, the No Kid Hungry campaign has launched “The Story ofHungry” a short, animated film depicting hunger through the eyes of a young girl. Narrated by Academy Award-winning actor Jeff Bridges, the short film moves beyond statistics to talk about hunger from the perspective of a child. To her, hunger is not the fact that her grades will suffer, or that she doesn’t have the proper nutrition to grow. Hunger is scary, emotional and the “meanest, ugliest monster you’ve ever seen.”

How you can help!

    • Donate to No Kid Hungry help Share Our Strength provide food, supplies and technical assistance to organizations feeding kids via summer meal and breakfast programs. They also teach families how to preventhunger at home.
    • Make a donation for a weeks worth one or more meals! Every little bit counts – in fact just $1 can help connect a child in need with up to 10 meals!
    • Watch and share the video, “The Story of Hungry” to spread the word about this campaign:
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