Britax B-READY Stroller Review + Giveaway


It will come as no surprise to you to learn that I have a major slight stroller obsession. I love reading about and checking out the newest strollers on the market. And it's not unusual for me to stop a mama to chat her up about the stroller she's pushing. But, just because I am intrigued and interested in all things stroller doesn't mean I like them all. I was intrigued and interested in the Britax B-READY Modular Stroller as soon as I first read about it and am happy to report that it does not disappoint.


About the Britax B-READY

The BRITAX B-READY is a full-size, modular stroller capable of growing with your family. The B-READY can accommodate multiple combinations of infant car seats, a bassinet, or dual toddler seats to create an in-line double stroller.


B-READY Specifications

  • Stroller Weight: 26 pounds
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 40.75 inches L x 26.5 inches W x 45 inches H
  • Folded Dimensions: 30 inches L x 26.5 inches W x 12.5 inches H
  • Max Child Weight: 55 pounds
  • Seat Back Height: 20 inches
  • Seat Depth: 9 inches
  • Seat Width: 12.75 inches
  • Shoulder Width: 12.75 inches
  • Harness Slot Heights: 10.5, 12.5 and 15 inches
  • Buckle Strap Depth: 4.5 inches
  • Recline Positions: 3

B-READY Review

The B-READY stroller is a very comfortable, easy to use and sleek-looking stroller. The large tires make maneuvering the stroller a breeze. There is even a comfort grip on the adjustable handles to facilitate one-handed pushing and turning. The Wheels are not filled with air which is nice because you never have to worry about getting a flat, but it does hinder the ride a bit as it's just not as smooth as a stroller with pneumatic tires.

britax b-ready stroller wheels

One of the only things I don't like about the B-READY is the 5-point Harness System. The shoulder and waist straps attach together and then clip into the buckle assembly. The straps separate for safety, but it's an added step that to putting my child in a stroller that can be a little annoying. My toddler has been known to resist being buckled so I have to struggle to sit her down and connect the straps before buckling her in. The positive to the straps is that they are padded and very easily adjustable. You can change the shoulder height from the back of the seat without having to re-thread or take apart the entire seat.

britax stroller 5 point harness

The One-Step Brake System is unlike any I've used before - and I love it. You step on the brake and it turns red to tell you its engaged. You step again and it turns green so you know you're ready to go. The one step on the right tire engages both rear tires and does it well. I've locked the stroller on hills with the Second Seat attached and it didn't budge with over 55 pounds of kid and 26 pounds of stroller.

britax b-ready stroller brake

The Storage Basket is huge and has zippered openings on the sides and front so you can access it no matter the seat configuration. I learned exactly how big the basket is when my toddler found a new hiding spot:

Clearly that is not a safe or acceptable location for a moving stroller, but it does make for a rather cute photo.

britax b-ready basket

Modular Stroller with Numerous Options

One of the greatest features of the B-READY is its flexibility. Out of the box, it is a full-size stroller with a toddler seat. But, with the addition of the included Chaperone car seat adapters and the optional Bassinet and Second Seat, the B-READY has a total of 14 possible configurations.


I think the most impressive configuration is the ability to use two infant car seats - what a great option for twin mamas! (Another accessory coming soon is an adapter bar to use the B-READY with popular car seats from other brands, such as Graco and Chicco.)

B-READY with the Second Seat Review

I admit that until now I have shied away from inline double strollers. Traditional tandem doubles seem too long and a bit cumbersome and in inline strollers with the optional second seat I've always felt sorry for the kid on the bottom. So imagine my surprise when we started using an inline double - the B-READY with Second Seat - and my kids fight over who gets to sit on the bottom seat.


Second Seat Specifications

  • Max Child Weight: 35 pounds
  • Seat Back Height: 17 inches
  • Seat Depth: 7.5 inches
  • Seat Width: 12 inches
  • Shoulder Width: 12.75 inches
  • Harness Slot Height: 9.5 and 10.5 inches
  • Recline Positions: 4

The Second Seat takes literally seconds to install. You simply hook the arms of the Second Seat into the frame of the B-READY - it's very easy. One element of the Second Seat that is particularly user-friendly is the fact that you can fold the stroller with the Second Seat attached. It took me a bit to get the hang of it, but it is possible.

britax b-ready stroller on walk

The Second Seat doesn't add any length to the stroller so it's just as easy to use and maneuver as the Single Stroller. My husband loves that the Second Seat doesn't interfere with his stride and I love that I can easily fit and maneuver around crowded stores and spaces.

The Second Seat is smaller than the Toddler Seat, but it is still a decent sized seat with ample leg room. The Second Seat has many of the comfort features as the Toddler Seat, including padded head rest, padded shoulder restraints, adjustable 5-point harness and a sunshade.

britax b-ready inline double stroller

And, most importantly, the kids like sitting in it. It's like a little secret spot to chill out and get a new view on things. My son colors in the seat, my daughter has slept down there - and they get a ton of attention. The stroller is a head-turner and the double-decker stroller look turns heads.

britax b-ready with second seat review

B-READY Video Review

To Buy or Not to Buy

To Buy... We've LOVED using the B-READY. The ability to turn a solid single stroller option into an inline double makes it a great option for a growing family. The safety features are great, the stroller looks awesome and it's very intuitive and easy to use.

Or Not to Buy... I don't like the two steps to connect the 5-point safety harness. The wheels are a nice size, but not pneumatic so it doesn't ride quite as smoothly as some other strollers in a similar price point.

Shop! The Britax B-READY Stroller is $499.99 and you can find it on Amazon in four solid colors: black, silver, red and green. The Second Seat is $149.99. The B-READY is an easy pick to include in The Shopping Mama Baby Shopping Guide.


Win! A Britax B-READY Stroller!

How to Enter: Visit Britax and check out the B-READY stroller. Leave a comment with your favorite feature and the color you'd like if you win.

Bonus Entries – valid only after completing the first required entry. Please leave a separate comment for each you do.

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Giveaway ends October 6 – open to US mailing addresses only.

Disclosure: Thanks to Britax for providing a sample product for the purpose of this review and the giveaway prize. Others may have a different experience. Opinions are my own.

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