Boys Tie Roundup


Is there anything cuter than a little dude in a tie? I think kiddos play off the hipster look better than anyone else, so I'm a big fan of little guys rockin' bow toys and nerd glasses, but I digress...I'm of the belief that a tie can work for every day, but if your fellas don't subscribe to the same school of thought, maybe they'll tolerate one for a special occasion like the holidays.

Take New Year's Eve for instance. Even if you're staying in this year, like so many of us mamas do, why don't you make a real evening out of it and get the whole fam dressed up. My sister and I used to do that with our mama when we were little and I remember having so much fun! Serve sparkling juice to the cherubs and champers to the adults and you can all sip your bubbly goodness while wearing your finest duds!


I've rounded up a bunch of bow ties, neck ties and suspenders for your little gents...Stinky McGee is one of my favorite finds for boys ties. Their bow ties, neck ties and suspenders come in a slew of darling patterns are just perfect fort he holidays! Another option is Somebubby Apparel for boys. The ties are attached directly to the tops. How much easier would getting your wiggly little man dressed be with this genius invention? Just throw a jacket on over one and he'd be all dressed up! So, are you ready to let your little gentleman show his sophisticated side with some new ties?

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