Boy's Superhero Birthday Party!

super hero birthday party ideas

This weekend my son was so excited to attend his BFF's birthday party. And, when I say BFF, I mean it. The two boys are joined at the hip and talk about each other constantly. It's really quite cute. So, while my little man was enjoying an amazing party with his friends I was admiring all of the fabulous details of the Superhero Themed Birthday Party. It was awesome!

My friend Leslie is seriously multi-talented! She took my maternity and pre-baby family photos and designed and organized the entire party. I'm so happy she is allowing me to share the details!

Superhero Party Activities

The superheroes arrived to a felt cape with their initial. The first activity of the party was to decorate the cape with stars and lightning bolts. Each boy had his own bag of sticky decorations - so they just had to remove the backing and stick the shapes to the cape.

superhero party make your own felt cape
superhero party activity make cape
superhero party cape

My little superhero and the birthday boy!

superhero party ideas

While decorating their capes, Leslie had some breaking news to share with the boys. Turns out there was a "Bad Guy" on the loose in our neighborhood! Leslie passed around a photo of the "Bad Guy" and told all the superheroes to keep their eyes peeled. Next activity? Weapons training to prepare for a run-in with the enemy. They did some NERF slingshots and bow and arrow practice, aiming at bulls eyes with a photo of the "Bad Guy".

And then they spotted the "Bad Guy" (aka Leslie's husband and the birthday boy's dad)! The boys were armed with silly string to capture him!

superhero party games
superhero party make your own cape
superhero party game silly string

Superhero Party Food

The party food was clever and very five year old boy friendly. The kids enjoyed Wonder Dogs (homemade corn dogs), Jello Jabs (portioned jello), Power Puffs (cheese puffs) and Superade (Gatorade). I loved how she used the red, yellow and blue color theme throughout the party from the capes to the balloons to the food.

superhero party food ideas

The food was displayed on a table with a handmade cityscape backdrop. I am not sure the boys appreciated the awesome details, but I sure did!

superhero party food table

Superhero Party Favors

In addition to taking home a cape and mask, each boy got to grab a few treats on the way out. They each got a superhero coloring/activity book, Punching Pops (Pop Rocks), Heros (candy dispensers) and red, blue and yellow candy sticks.

superhero birthday party favors

Happy Birthday, Noah! Thank you for an awesome party, Leslie, and thanks for letting me share the details.

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