Mini Style Saturday: Back-to-School Shopping for Boys


Last week in our back to school style series, we covered some adorable clothes and accessories for girls...This week, it's all about the boys! Ever since I had my lil' dude, it's been my personal mission to find the cutest boys clothes possible. It hasn't been the easiest undertaking, but I've found that with some digging, you can definitely dress your fella to the nines!


Let's start with accessories...Every little guy needs a stylin' backpack and lunch box. Land's End is your one stop shop for back to school gear. My son got to try out a Land's End School Uniform backpack and lunch box and in case you can't tell from the grin on his face...he loves them! He's still in pre-school and the small size is perfectly proportionate to his body. The backpacks come in three sizes making it easy to select just the right size for your kiddo.


Another brand that's a personal favorite of mine is Kapital K. I was introduced to it earlier this year and fell in love. Their fall line has only deepened the crush. My son is rockin' a Kapital K shirt in his backpack modeling sesh actually. Sometimes collared shirts aren't the comfiest and my boy is all about comfort. He doesn't make a peep when I put him in his Kapital K pieces which is a good thing. He's not shy about letting me know when something isn't to his liking. Haha! Their clothing is super soft and, most importantly, breathable. I have no doubt that he'll love the fall line just as much. He's already a hoodie addict, so that's a slam dunk and mama can't get enough of the varsity jacket and academic blazer. I mean every little gentleman needs a blazer in his fall wardrobe right?!?

So, what's your little guy's back to school style?

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