Best Foods for a Healthy Confident Smile

Confident Smile

A smile is compromised by the feelings of joy and contentment, projecting more than just the gleam of a few teeth. However many individuals are faced with the challenges of a confident smile due to his or her teeth-driven insecurities. From stained teeth, tooth loss, gum diseases to sensitivities, Dr. Bob, The Drugless Doctor shares tips to overcome smile-aches.

10 Foods for a Healthy Confident Smile:

1. Carrots an excellent source of Natural Fluoride.

2. Red, Yellow and orange bell pepper a source of Vitamin C for healthy gums.

3. Sea Vegetables a source of iodine for optimal thyroid health--preventing yellow teeth.

4. Beets support liver health and natural detoxification for a smooth tongue.

5. Kale provides a natural source of calcium for strong teeth structure.

6. Ginger root for a healthy digestion and great breath.

7. Celery source of minerals.

8. Apple slices for palate and teeth cleansing.

9. Eggs, onions and garlic source of sulfur for strong tissues.

10. Sesame seeds and almonds a calcium and protein addition for healthy teeth structure.

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