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Beauty: Tips to Stay Organized in 2015

It's still January and I'm still makin' changes! And, to be honest with you, I'll be remixing my life pretty much every month here on out because I'm just being honest with you. Although, even though I do little projects here and there, my intentions to improve along the way always stay the same!

This month, I'm on a mission to improve the functionality of my bathroom. Why? Well, two reasons. One being because it's getting a little ridiculous how often I'm looking for products and tools that I use every single day and don't always put back in the same place. Reason number two would be for the sanity of my husband. Bless him - but even with a double vanity I have a tendency to migrate on over into his territory and while he loves me unconditionally, I know this drives him bananas. In my defense, I have about 1 million "daily essentials" and he only has about 5. Clearly he has some room to spare!

But in all honesty, it really doesn't take much time or money to make some smart changes in the bathroom, or wherever you get yourself ready each day and I'm sharing just a few tips and organizational products that I recently picked up to make my space a little more smart, clean, and functional.

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1. Lip Stick Caddy : (This can also be a great eye shadow brush caddy, eye pencils, tweezers...or anything else tall and slim! I love this caddy because while it's sold with one intention, it has many great uses. I'm using a drawer right now for all my "tall and skinny" products and because I spend time picking through it looking for what I need, I've started leaving them out on the sink to avoid that extra step of searching. I love that this acrylic caddy is translucent because you can see the products without having to take anything out of place.

2. Glass Canisters : Aside from the fact that they're visually appealing, these jars hold cotton balls, Q-tips, or even those small round and flat make up/nail polish removal pads that are so popular now! They eliminate plastic bags being thrown under your sink and keep products out, available, and easy to find.

3. Vanity Mirror : This particular one has a built in light and it high rated! I put this option in there for all you lucky gals who have a separate area that would work for putting make up on each day. In a perfect world, I wouldn't use my bathroom as a prep area because it gets fairly crowded and the mirror is so far away when I'm getting ready.

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4. Hair Tools Caddy : I love this Hairdryer, Straightener, Curling Iron Stand for so many reasons. It has 3 built in plugs and keeps your daily tools stored and ready for use. How often I leave my blow dryer and straightener on the counter as I'm rushing to get out the door - I can't even tell you. This caddy is propped up and ready to go so you don't have to roll up cords or wait for tools to cool off. Genius.

5. Shower Caddy : We have and love this caddy that hangs right on our shower head. It's big enough for both my husband and I to share and even after two years, it's held up well with no rust or signs of wear from being in water every day. We hold shampoo bottles, soaps, razors, loofahs, and small towels here which keeps things off the ledge and easy to store and grab.

6. Nail Polish Caddy : If you're a big nail polish "collector" (or as my husband says "hoarder"...po-ta-to, po-taaa-to"), this is such a pretty option for storage in your bathroom! Aside from the easy to see, easy to find functionality it offers, it's holds so many bottles and adds a little bit of color to your space. I do believe Ava and I need this, asap!

7. Portable Beauty Storage Caddy : This cute little caddy is great for storage underneath your sink. It comes in so many colors and you can easily move your daily essentials in and out of view all while keeping things in their proper place. I love all the little side pockets, too.

9. Make Up Trays and Caddy : This beauty, right here, is what initially inspired today's post. I've been searching for the perfect acrylic make up caddy that keeps my many tools, products, and favorites out, on display, yet in an organized fashion. Again - the transparent storage compartments and drawers make the searching stop! I've been pulling apart make-up bags and baskets for far too long! This is such an easy way to make my routine smarter and I can't wait to put this little organizational plan into effect. I won't lie - my husband is equally as excited for this to arrive.

I hope our quick and easy tips for making your bathroom a little bit from functional, clean, and organized helped today! Here's to 2015 and making smarter use of my space!

Do you have tips or favorite storage products that you swear by? Please let us know what works for you! Bathroom Hacks and Tricks of the Trade are always welcome here!

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