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Beauty Review : Luxie Lush Brush Set

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Every morning after I shower and start my day, the first step in my routine is always my makeup. For me, a self-professed fashionista, I still love to start my beauty routine before I pick out an outfit for the day. While I have this little process down to a science, I take great care in how I apply my makeup each day because I know that once I walk out that door, I can feel confident both inside and out with each person I greet that day.

That being said, I was so excited to try out and now share Luxie Lush and their amazing set of synthetic and handmade brushes that are made for both your face and eyes. While I'm always excited to try out new products, branching out and trying new make up brushes has long been on my list of things I've "been meaning to try" but haven't quite done yet. Perfect timing!

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Before we get into the details of the brushes, I must say that I was really impressed with the external packaging of this kit. The 12 brushes come in a really pretty light pink travel case and each brush is individually packaged in a protective plastic wrap for you to remove when you open the case. The handle on each brush is a sturdy and smooth, making application comfortable and easy. What I think I love most, though, is the rose gold colored detail below the brushes that really catches my eye - it's really so, so pretty!

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It's important to note that these brushes are synthetic - meaning they aren't made from real hair. To me, this means they're super easy to clean and are also cruelty free. I think another bonus to the synthetic brushes is that they are typically insanely soft and this set right here is no exception. Luxie Lush didn't skip any steps when it came to ensuring that each and every one of these brushes is carefully designed and made to easily apply product with only the softest materials. Each brush is also individually labeled (beautiful silver print on each brush) with both a number and a label to let you know exactly what they're intended to be used for, which I love. I know there are so many creative makeup artists out there who can use all their brushes anywhere and everywhere but me, who is constantly learning about how to better apply her make up, loves this little detail.

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As I mentioned, this Luxie Lush Kit comes with 12 brushes:

Point Eye Liner Brush ~ 219

Pencil Brush ~ 217

Tapered Blending Brush ~ 205

Eye Shading Brush ~ 213

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Large Shader Brush ~ 209

Small Angle Brush ~ 215

Medium Angled Shading ~ 207

Large Powder Brsuh ~ 502

Large Angled Brush ~ 504

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Foundation Brush ~ 510

Precision Concealer Brush ~ 211

While I've tested them all out, here are a few of my favorites!

I loved the Large Powder Brush for applying my bronzer and the Foundation Brush for trying out my new cream based foundation. The brush showed great control of the product and seamlessly went exactly where it was intended, which is pretty difficult when it comes to applying both bronzer and something that can be quite tricky, like foundation. I also loved the Tapered Blending Brush for my eyeshadow. My eyes generally get 3 neutral shadows each day and the most important brush I use is the blending brush. Luxie Lush was on point when it came to the overall size and shape of their blending brush but most importantly, I think how soft this brush really made the difference. Finally, when I'm trying to change up my day look to my night look without washing my face and starting all over, I love using the charcoal shadow in my favorite palette to line my eyes and get a sublet smokey effect. The Pencil Brush did a great job lining my eyes without making me loose control of the product and I could easily apply it right where I needed it to be, without smudging. While all the brushes did a fantastic job helping me apply my favorites, it was those few that I usually have the most difficulty using that really stood out! I was really impressed!

While I haven't washed them all yet, I did take a minute to wash one brush using a mild soap. I gently cleaned the powder brush in warm soapy water and I'm happy to say it easily came clean and dried quickly and quite nicely! Just as soft as it was before I washed it.

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I also did a little comparison shopping online to see how this kit compared to other professional brands of brushes out there and I'm happy to say that you're going to get a great set of brushes for a reasonable price. Clearly this is a great deal with an even greater product; I am hooked!

Bottom Line: I highly recommend Luxie Lush and their perfectly packaged, high quality, handmade synthetic make up brushes!

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