Be My itty bitty Valentine: The Cutest Little Gifts From Hallmark

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“I a cowboy, Mama. Just like Woody.” That’s what my two-year-old son, Grant, said when we outfitted him in a wide-brim hat and leather boots for our trip to visit his grandparents’ horse farm in Kentucky.

“Yes, Baby. Just like Woody.”

Our obsession with all things cowboy started a few weeks earlier when we sat down together to watch Toy Story. (Since then, we’ve seen it approximately 300 times. But, ya know, who’s counting?) Grant is most definitely a loyal member of #TeamWoody—though we’ve grown to like Buzz quite a bit too. So when Hallmark asked us to review a few cute new characters from their itty bittys collection, we just had to have the itty bitty Toy Story twosome... Itty bitty Woody and itty bitty Buzz Lightyear now come to school with us every morning and go in Grant's crib every night. Where we go, they go—to infinity and beyond!

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While we adore our itty bitty Pixar pairs (we also have Nemo and Dory), I have to admit: all itty bittys are pritty irresistible. They’ve taken some of the most iconic characters from movies, comics, and television, and given them an absolutely adorable new look... And it’s sort of impossible not to love these little guys—which is why I think they'd make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. (Can you say itty bittys for kiddies?!)

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Valentine chocolates melt faster than a Frozen heart, but an itty bitty friendship with Elsa will last forever. What peanut wouldn’t want an itty bitty Snoopy to snuggle at night? And itty bitty Miss Piggy is the cutest diva we’ve ever seen. Even the itty bitty Star Wars characters make us smile—“Luke, I am your itty bitty father.”

This Valentine’s Day, I’m replacing the candy (and the unwelcome sugar high!) with an itty bitty, instead. I plan on taking a trip to Hallmark to hopefully snag a pint-size, but powerful, itty bitty superhero for my little guy. I’ll pair the plush and petite stuffed toy with a Valentine, and surprise Super-Grant on February 14... as an itty bitty gesture of my love!

I think he’ll be more than an itty-bitty bit excited!

See all the itty bittys HERE.

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