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We have only been back to school for about 2 weeks and I am already feeling the "snack crunch". I am always on the look out for snacks that are healthy, made with whole ingredients and above all are tasty. What do I pack two very hungry littles for snack? I have rounded up the latest in back-to-chool snack trends, Bon Appetit!


Annie Chun's: For all natural snacks with an Asian flair, try Annie Chun's Roasted Seaweed Snacks. With four distintive varities, you'll love this protein packed snack that is good for your health and is a yummy way to keep kids' energy charged.

Boulder Canyon Authentic Foods: If you are looking for a broad range of healthful snacks, Boulder Canyon has something for everyone. Real food with no artificial flavorings, or coloring and only the finest oils are used in the cooking process. Light, crispy and full of flavor makes the healthier chips from Boulder Canyon a "chip" this mama doesn't have to fret about.

Crunchmaster: If you are looking for Gluten Free snacks that are big on Crunch as well as the yum factor, Crunchmaster Crisps have to be on your radar. We love the oven baked, peanut free, 100% whole grain crisps that come in sweet Graham flavor or savory Cheddar. For an easy bento style lunch, we use Crunchmaster multi grain crackers for a flavorful addition to humus or cheese. (Kids dig the fun shape!)

BTS snacks

CVS Gold Emblem Abound: Did you know you get pick up a full line of preservative free-delicious and nutritious, protein packed snacks as you drop by CVS to pick up your vitamins? We are loving the trail mixes, dry nuts and sea salt crackers (they even have Gluten Free options!) from Gold Emblem Abound all natural assorted snacks. Our absolute favorite? Gold Emblem Abound Blueberry & Pomegranate Superfruit Snack Bar~simply delish.

Dvida: we focus a lot of the littles, but what about our tweens and teens? It's equally important to have a healthful snack to offer our older kids. Dvida smoothie packs mix instantly and come in a variety of yummy flavors. We love the simply natural, "smoothie of life" mixes by dvida. Excellent source of fiber, protein, and all of the vitamins and minerals kids need to get them through the vigors of the day and then some!

Earth Balance: Vegan, plant-based and made without anything artificial makes the yummy snacks from Earth Balance a great source of BTS snacks for the kids. We love that the snacks are NON-GMO, are both gluten and dairy free. Earth Balance snacks come in popcorn, puffs, and Kettle chips varieties.

Good Health Snacks: If you're family loves Veggie snacks as much as mine do, you'll love the nutritious, flavorful crunchy sticks and straws from Good Health Snacks. (we love that the Veggie snacks come in straws, sticks and chips.) They are the only veggie snack with real vegetable nutrition. Good Health Snacks Veggie chips are great for dipping too.

Grace Foods: Avoid the juice box with the delicious, ultra rehydrating and all natural coconut water from Grace Foods. We are somewhat of coconut water connoisseurs and Grace Foods makes our favorite. It is smooth, just a hint of sweet and provides essential vitamins, minerals and is an excellent source of potassium. Grace Foods International coconut water comes straight from young coconuts is not highly processed or synthetic.


Napsi Certified Maple Water: Have you heard of the latest craze (that is actually thousands of years old?) Maple Water is our new "go to" when we need a cool drink but are a bit tired of plain old water. Low in sugar and calories, pure maple water comes right from the maple tree, is unrefined and preserves all of the nutritional benefits of maple sap.

Saffron Road: We love the uniqueness of Saffron Road snacks. The Crunchy Chickpeas are a healthy snack that packs a protein punch along with lots of flavor. With five varieties from which to choose, you'll sure to find one to suit your little one's taste.

Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps: Isn't the pretzel your "go to" snack? Pretzel Crisps combine all that we love from a cracker and a pretzel and make crispy, savory snacks that are equally delicious as a stand alone snack or topped with humus, peanut butter or your favorite spread. Love the crispy, crunchy thinness of Pretzel Crisps, with the kids' favorite being the new mini cheddar variety.

Soyjoy: With schedules being as busy as they are, sometimes the convenience of a nutrient rich bar in just what this mama needs. Soyjoy bars are made from Non-GMO soybeans and contain real pieces of fruit. Available in seven flavors, they are a tasty, wholesome snack that is also a great source of protein.

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