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Mini Style Saturday: Back-to-School Shopping for Girls

Last year was the first year I experienced the whole back to school craziness. Now that we've started my lil' dude's second year of pre-school, I think I've got a better handle on it. I had no idea what to shop for the first time I shopped for his school clothes, but this time around, I'm a pro. I know that comfort is king when it comes to back to school fashion for my fella.

I would imagine the same goes for little girls. I'll forever sing the praises of comfy clothing. And another must have element to girls' clothing, as we've covered before, is that they must be CUTE! My lil' lady bean already has a discerning eye and is visibly happier when she's dressed in fun, girly clothes. I know it sounds crazy, but it's true! Come on over and check out her squeals when I put her in tulle. Just sayin'.

Even though my daughter's not quite ready for school yet, I don't leave her out of the back to school shopping. She needs a wardrobe for play dates and school drop offs and pick ups after all...just like her mama! I've rounded up some darling back to school clothes and accessories for your little girls too! We'll leave my back to school wardrobe for another post...Haha!


If you have a pre-schooler, these Sassafras CuddlePacks are perfect for the little one just getting used to school. Super soft corduroy makes them as cuddly as a stuffed animal!


For older girls, Levi's has offered up some rockin' backpacks and lunch bags. I'm loving the cheerful neon accents. I wonder if they make them big enough for me? Haha! I'm partial to the black, white and pink beauties myself...You? If you're loving these bags as much as I am, head over to Macy's to score one!

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I'm so happy that leg warmers are still around. I used to get a few new pairs every year when I shopped with my mama for my back to school wardrobe and now I get to pick some out for my own daughter. Don't you love it when things come full circle? BabyLegs warmers are the best in the biz! We have a couple of pairs already and they look adorable on my baby girl's gams!


Two words came to my mind when I saw Wunway's delightful line...boho chic. The cropped pants and fanciful prints are too cute for words. Back to school style doesn't get much chicer than this. I plan on seeing my little girl prancing around in these darling duds when she's old enough! And you can bet she'll be rockin' some boho beads with them...She already snags my jewelry and toddles around with it...Another accessories addict is born!


And while we're on the subject of boho chic...Roberta Roller Rabbit's backpacks and lunchbags are a boho style lover's dream. Your free spirited little lady will surely love sporting one of these pretty packs!

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