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As summer comes to a close, what better time to introduce good habits to kids as parents start to prepare them to go back to school. Among these good habits is one of the most important - dental and oral hygiene. But what are the best ways to teach kids to brush their teeth? To shed some light on establishing good oral tips for the school year, we interviewed Dr. Timothy Chase, a NYC based cosmetic dentist and practicing partner at SmilesNY, who shared the best back to school tips for your kids pearly whites.

Patient Exam

Momtrends:What are the best tooth brushes for kids?

Dr. Timothy Chase: All toothbrushes should have soft or extra soft bristles.

Momtrends: What is the best technique for kids to brush?

Dr. Timothy Chase: Tooth brushing for kids is the same for adults. you have to brush every surface of all of the teeth with the bristles of the brush angled toward the gums in small circular motions. You should also brush the top of your tongue. Make sure you brush for 2 minutes.

Momtrends: How can parents make brushing fun?

Dr. Timothy Chase: There are many different ways to make kids excited about brushing, from electric or light up toothbrushes to sparkly tooth paste. Make sure the bristles of the brushes are soft and that you change them every 90 days or when they begin to lose their shape. Its important that he electric toothbrushes have soft bristles as well, some of the cheaper ones are way too hard and can cause gum and tooth damage.

Momtrends: What are the best tooth pastes for kids?

Dr. Timothy Chase: For smaller kids, who may swallow the TP use a training paste without fluoride. Once they understand not to eat the paste any TP that contains fluoride is good.

Momtrends: How can families establish healthy tooth brushing routines?

Dr. Timothy Chase: It is important to start a routine from an early age. Good rule of thumb is to brush your children’s teeth for them at least once a day until they have the manual dexterity to tie their own shoes.

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