Back to School Cool from Levi's Kids


This post is sponsored by Levi's Kids.

If you asked my kiddo what his number one requirement for clothes that he’s willing to wear is, I’m certain his answer would be that they need to be comfortable. He’s a rough and tumble kind of fella and he needs to be able to MOVE with ease on the playground. And while comfort may be most important when it comes time for him to get dressed, the cool factor comes in at a close second. He has to jive with his look and I’ve noticed that prints like stripes, plaids and camo, as well as graphic tees seem to be his jam. So, I’ve focused on building a fall wardrobe filled with tops like those that can be mixed and matched along with versatile bottoms. And that’s where Levi’s Kids comes in…


Now considering I’m a hardcore fashion lover myself, I obviously have a blast dressing my kids up in cute looks, but like any mama, there is a practical side to me. Little ones are HARD on clothes. So very hard. Am I right? Durability would probably be most important to me when I go back-to-school shopping. Wouldn’t it be great if we could find pieces that are comfy, stylish AND durable? Well, guess what? We can! Enter Levi’s Kids...You probably rocked them when you were growing up and now your kids can too!


We had the chance to try out a classic pair of jeans and a more modern knit pair. Yes, you heard me right...I said knit. They’re so soft, they feel like sweatpants! You know my comfort-focused kiddo was all over that pair. In fact, he played some basketball in them and you would never know that he wasn’t in athletic pants. How cool is that? Comfy chic looks are certainly my favorite, so clearly the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Haha! We want the best of both worlds. And what’s wrong with that? Thanks Levi’s Kids!

Levi's® is for kids who know they were born bold and aren't afraid to show it. Give your kids classic American style and effortless cool when they head back to school. The Levi's Kids Collection is available at #LevisKids


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