Back to School, Back to Fitness

Back to School, Back to Fitness!

Although my son is only 7 months old (soon to be 8 months!), I have helped several mothers find ways to score short workouts throughout their busy days. With school being back in session for most moms, I wanted to offer a few workout tips that will help you achieve a burn in and out of the gym with a little bit more time on your hands.

Express Workout Classes

Nowadays, finding an express workout is not too hard! Most gyms and boutique studios offer anything ranging from yoga to a cardio HIIT classes that you can squeeze in a 30 minute workout session with ease. These classes are usually offered midday when most people are on their lunch break. Plan ahead and sign-up in advance, you don't want to waste any time!

Streaming Workouts

I am a sucker for a great barre workout, the SBF Streaming by Suzanne Bowen Fitness (SBF) is a balanced, full body workout. On the SBF website, you can create your own workout plan ranging in intensity. The site also offers Prenatal Barre, shopping list and much more.  If you are looking for a Yoga practice midday, try YogaGlo, that offers classes from beginner to advanced. For an affordable monthly subscription fee, viewers can experience classes designed to give an in studio feeling in the comfort of their own home.

Below are mini workouts you can do anywhere!

back to school, back to fitness

Calf Raises

All you need is stairs or a curb to increase the intensity of the workout. If you are looking to do this exercise more discreetly you can do this move with no elevated surface at all. Standing on a stair or curb, place the sole of your feet on the surface having your heels hang off. Slowly raise your feet coming on top of the soles of your feet and gently lower. If your balance is a bit wobbly rest your hand on a stable surface nearby.

Back to school, back to fitness

Upgrade your errands!

Keeping ankle weights in your car is a great way to make grocery shopping and picking up dry cleaning a little bit more challenging. Other options include a weighted vest that you can increase and decrease the weight from day to day. Feeling bashful? Camouflage these fit essentials with a stylish zip up hoodie or a pair of slouchy activewear bottoms.

Reverse Leg Lunges with a Scarf

This move can be done at home or while out and about. While holding a scarf firmly in both hands, shoulder width apart aligned with your shoulders, raise your arms overhead without locking your elbows. Keeping your arms straight and holding the scarf with tension, step back on your right leg for a reverse lunge. Make sure your legs are at a 90-degree angle and your knees are not surpassing your toes. Step back in and repeat on the other side. Do this for 10 reps (5 on each side).

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