Back-to-School Accessories

back to school accessories

We covered the trends, supplies, tech and even the back-to-school food and now we are covering the latest trends in accessories. From basics like tights to fun hats, here are a few of our favorites for boys and girls.

1. Hats: As for hats, we love the trendy and affordable finds from The Children's Place with some of our favorites being the cool mohawk hat and fun houndstooth fedora. For girls, we love the fun knit beret and the cowgirl hat. Walmart also has some great back-to-school hats with some of our favorites being the San Diego Hat Co Kids' Plaid Tucker Hat and the San Diego Hat Co Kids' Fedora Hat.

2. Pencil Decorating: Not a necessity but a fun way for a tween or teen to express themselves is with collectible, tradeable and super fashionable Happy Charmz, a collection of cute and pencil charms. Some of our favorites include the starter sets (with two charms) or the single charmz with some favorites being the blue sparkle glasses and the yellow mustache.

3. Hair Accessories: For girls, we love Pony Bracelets that allow kids to keep their hair neat with some colorful bands. With a mission of "never wearing a boring ponytail holder again," Pony Bracelets operate as trendy and stylish hair bands that double as bracelets.

4. MoGo mouthguards: According to The American Association of Orthodontists 67 percent of children do not wear mouthguards while playing organized sports. To protect their mouth we love the new MoGo Mouthguards, the world’s first, and leading, flavored mouthguards. MoGo Mouthguards utilize a patented process that embeds the mouthguard material with natural flavor essences - without sugar, calories or harmful chemicals - for refreshing flavor that lasts the entire season. MoGo provides professional-level protection (including a $10,000 Dental Warranty) and a comfortable custom fit, infused with mouthwatering flavors. MoGo is the preferred mouthguard of professional athletes including Colin Kaepernick - star quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, Evgeni “Geno” Malkin - reigning National Hockey League MVP and superstar center for the Pittsburgh Penguins, and other top sports figures from MMA, lacrosse, rugby, skateboarding, skiing and snowboarding.

5. Backpacks: Kids have so many options with how they hold their books. Right now we are loving the MadPax backpacks and their awesome 3-dimensional packs that will showcase your kids personality. We also love the bags from Walmart with some of our favorites being the Animal Friends 12" Ladybug Backpack and the fun Eastsport Round Printed 17.5" Backpack.

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