Art for Wee Little Ones


The art we pick and showcase in our home is often an extension of our personalities. I love finding unique pieces for my home that reflects my interests and passions. When I had children I then had to think about the look of their room, which has gradually been evolving as my baby is now five years old with opinions and interests of her very own.

We recently moved into a new place with an extra bedroom that I converted into an office/playspace. With a new room, we found ourselves with bare walls where I wanted to showcase the child's space mixed with my office environment. My daughter and I had a lot of fun discovering new art on, the largest online retailer of wall art, where we discovered the colorful, fun and whimsical world from Wee Society.


Started by Jason Schulte, Jill Robertson and Rob Alexander, Wee Society was created in 2010 where they created this world of imagination, joy and wonder. I loved looking through their incredible collection where I discovered some unique prints with some of my favorites being the You Know What's Awesome: Helicopters, Wee You - Things, Nellie, Wee You - Things, Kaiser and the Wee Alphas. I loved that the characters are always upbeat and vibrant as well as being a quirky and memorable.

We had the chance to add the Wee Alphas Print and the Wee You - Things Story Me and You print for our playspace/office and I loved the seeing the world of Wee Society come to life. 

Coupled with the fun images and a story, the Wee You - Things Story was a fun way to learn more about the characters as my daughter and I read about Sue, Nellie, Kai and more and discover their quirks (purple tooth, extra eye) that is both heartwarming and wonderful to look at. We also love the Wee Alphas Print that features a collection of animals that are all named (eg. Charlie the Chipmunk) and given gentle faces that are also relevant.

From playful alphabet letters to adjustable wall decals, you will discover an incredible collection of prints from Wee Society on that celebrate every child being unique – and you can’t get much cooler than that.

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