Anti-Bully for Back-to-School with the Kind Campaign

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Anti-Bully for Back-to-School with the Kind Campaign

A scary part of back-to-school is the amount of bullying that is prevalent in our kids' schools.To change the nature of bullying, we are really excited to spread the word about the KIND Campaign.

Kind Campaign

The charity, movement and school assembly program was started by Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson to combat girl-against-girl crime. The founders joined forces in 2009 with each bonding over their personal experiences with bullying. In 2009 they drove across the country filming for their documentary “Finding Kind” - spreading their message to both promote kindness and combat bullying as well as ways to monitor what is going on both within the hallways and on apps that are being created everyday to perpetuate bullying outside of school.

They have visited almost 300 schools to date with an assembly program that helps girls find better tools to communicate and interact with each other. In October they will be hitting the road again in honor of anti-bullying month, visiting over 20 cities to spread the kindness message.


They also recently launched the Kind Kit curriculum to ensure that their program is instituted year-after-year in schools and some lessons that can be executed in the home to help parents support kids during the school year and promote the kindness message at home.

The most exciting part of the Kind Kits is the assembly DVD that they have created specifically for this curriculum. The assembly DVD features the founders sharing their testimonies and some of the key messages from their in-person assembly. When a school utilizes this assembly DVD with their copy of Finding Kind, it will give the students a more personal experience as they get to know the founders and hear advice straight from Lauren & Molly's hearts. A lot of Lauren & Molly's impact is directly related to their age-- the students connect deeply with their message because its coming from two girls who appear as peers rather than teachers or parents. When Lauren & Molly get too old to have the same effect, the Kind Kit will be there to keep their legacy going. Right now, schools have to mail back their copy of Finding Kind when they host screenings of the film within their schools. With the Kind Kit, once a school adopts the program, it is theirs to keep forever, allowing them to host assemblies year after year.

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