Best Fall Jewelry Trends


I was a big supporter of the "statement" pieces. The rings, the necklaces, even the earrings got super intricate and larger than life. While some of those baubles still charm me (I'm still a lover of statement ear crawlers), the simpler, more dainty and personal gems are what is hot for fall.


I love jewelry that has a story. Being an admirer of all things vintage, I wore my mother's class ring for YEARS. I thought it was edgy and different and I also felt connected to her in a different way. I feel the same way about this new cuff I got from Heidi J. Hale. They take handwritten sentiments and turn them into precious heirlooms. I also love their personalized stacked rings. You can put any name or word you like on a beautiful and understated ring then stack as many as you please.


Earrings are taking a step back in time to showcase pretty, little stones. These drops and huggies from Anthropologie pair with any outfit and make gorgeous gifts. Something else popular for autumn is layers. Wrap bracelets are the perfect solution for the person who doesn't really want to wear more than one thing on their wrist. I made one at our company summit in Canyon Ranch and I wear it all the time! It adds texture but doesn't detract from my overall look.


Incorporating a charm or gem from a special event or vacation is also super popular. I bought a small pendant in Arizona when my brother got married. I added it to a little piece of silk ribbon and wear it as a choker. Also--chokers are back! A delicate piece of leather or a metallic band is a definite must this season.


The hair accessories from Sephora are the perfect addition to any autumnal outfit. A beautiful leather ponytail bow or some bling will amp up your look in seconds. What is your favorite trend for Fall? Check out our video here to see some more of our favorites!

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