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Why You Need to Up Your Cleaning Game with Clorox

How do you feel about all the extra cooking you've been doing? Same. I love the family time, but I could use a support staff. With cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner (plus snacks), I feel like I am constantly washing dishes. This is why you need to up your cleaning game with Clorox Scrubmate. We've got a giveaway too!

Why You Need The Clorox Scrubmate

Some of my favorite things to cook these days are enchiladas and lasagnas. Why? They feed my crew and leave me leftovers. These heavy dishes also leave a mess.

Clorox Scrubmate is a new, disposable soap-filled kitchen scrubber that takes the elbow grease out of cleaning tough kitchen messes. The new cleaning tool features scrubbing fibers and powerful soap that's built in. This means the Scrubmate helps me clean dishes and pans covered in baked-on food with ease. It's also great at tackling greasy countertop and appliance spills. Like when my daughter attempted to make the cloud bread she saw on Tik Tok.

Clorox Scrubmate is safe to use on glass dishware, metal cookware - including non-stick pots and pans, sealed granite and marble counters, tile, grout, Polyurethane finished wood and more. It is the ultimate kitchen cleaning tool.

Why You Need to Up Your Cleaning Game with Clorox

Using the Clorox Scrubmate

There are two ways to clean with Clorox Scrubmate. The innovative adaptor cap allows for comfortable scrubbing by hand or easy attachment to all leading power scrubbers. 

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Clorox Scrubmate is the only soap-filled scrubbing pad on the market designed for use with power scrubbers. To use with power scrubbers, the cap is removed from the adaptor, which then easily connects with the Clorox Scrubtastic, Clorox Scrubtastic Max, and most power scrubber brands.

For use as a hand-held scrubber, Clorox Scrubmate pads easily snap into the durable adaptor, which includes an ergonomic cap to create a comfortable handle.

When the mess is gone, the pad ejects into the garbage for quick, hands-free disposal. Clorox Scrubmate uses bleach-free soap with a fresh citrus scent, so when you're done the kitchen smells fantastic.

Why You Need to Up Your Cleaning Game with Clorox

Win it!

One lucky winner will get two packs of Clorox Scrubmate scrubbing pads and adaptor (value $26). Use our Rafflecopter form below.

Clorox Scrubmate scrubbing pads and adaptors are available from Amazon and in various pack sizes. 

This is a sponsored post.

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