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Autumn is upon us. The air is cool, the breeze is crisp, and the outdoors are beckoning. While we'd love to bask in the colorful glory, we also recognize that winter is right around the corner. That's why, in between your orchard trips and pumpkin picking, it's important to schedule in some time to do some serious tidying around the house and yard--before it's too cold! Here are some tip to get you started.

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Organize your garage

Yes, it’s nice to have a garage to store all sorts of things, from garden tools to old boots, but the ideal is to be able to get your car into the space too! Come the first ice up or snowfall, you’ll be grateful to not have to chip off ice and snow for an hour before work!

The key to an organized garage is to use the spaces that aren’t being used, namely wall space. Installing hanging shelving, hooks and other ways to bring your items off the floor and onto the walls is ideal. Plastic lawn chairs suddenly have a new home! The less you can trip over, the better. Even before you start putting all your items on your new shelves, go over what you have and de-clutter. The garage tends to be one of those places where unused items go but this is a good time to decide if you really need them anymore or not!

Put outdoor toys and tools away

Now is a good time to wipe down and put away all your garden accessories and tools.

  • Drain and clean out any water features in your garden. This will prevent them from getting damaged during the upcoming freeze / thaw cycles that come with autumn and winter.
  • Unless you’re a year round BBQ aficionado, clean up the grill as it could be of interest to outdoor critters who are wintering nearby. Clean all the tools that go with it and pop on the cover. Same for the air conditioning unit!
  • Put away, cover, or store your garden furniture.
  • Get all your smaller garden tools out—shears, pruners—and clean / sharpen them before you put them away in a box in the shed, ready for next season’s planting! Also, store hoses and watering cans after draining them and shut off the valve to the outdoor water faucet from the inside of the house.
  • Terracotta pots don’t withstand the ebb and flow of water and ice in the winter, so make sure you bring them into your shed or garage, clean them up and store them for the winter. TIP: store them on their sides, not vertically, to ensure they don’t swell and crack in the damp and cold!

This is not a sponsored post. Thanks to Marty Basher and Modular Closets for expert advice.

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