Organizing your home office doesn't have to be a huge project. The key to getting started is choosing one area of your home office that you would like to begin clearing out and removing some of the clutter. We all know that the spring cleaning bug hits us this time of year so there's no better reason to get started than right now!

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Spring Cleaning and Organizing the Home Office

Here are four helpful tips to get your home office shaped up for spring:

1. Clear the desk space so you have ample room to work. It's hard to concentrate or focus on a particular task when you are distracted by the clutter that is staring back at you on top of your desk. 

Rambling Renovators demonstrates how clearing away paperwork, folders and other items off the desk will provide proper work space. Having a clean and clear work space will help you to be much more productive.


2. Maximize desk or printer space. Are you working in a small area or do you need to find some extra space for your organizational needs? Martha Stewart shares a wonderful DIY tutorial on how to generate some extra space for your printer or desk area. If you’re not crafty inclined or don’t have the time for this kind of project, you can do something similar with the idea using materials you already have in your home.


3. Use organizing tools. A super organized home office would not be functional without the help from some handy resources. Invest in several of these organizational tools to keep your home office area remain neat and tidy. Design Sponge shares some amazing must-haves that are absolutely worth the money.


4. Consider creating a portable desk or office space when you’re on the go. Do you need a change of scenery or do you want another way to stay organized while you are transitioning the space? A perfect solution is to create a portable work area. This idea provided by Real Simple shows how you can convert one tray full of office supplies into a convenient and organized work space.



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