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There is no denying that parents are exhausted. With all of the running around from work, playdates, and general outings with the kids, it is no wonder that one of the chief complaints from many parents is that they don't get enough sleep. Top that off with having a bad mattress and the cycle of poor sleep continues.

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Sleep Better with Mattresses from Tuft and Needle

Well, we discovered an incredible way to get a relaxed rest with the super comfortable mattresses from Tuft and Needle. Featuring mattresses at an affordable price, they are designed in-house so there is no extreme mark-up - allowing a typically king-sized mattress to cost you around $600 (as opposed to $2,000 plus dollars). This is also includes a high-quality mattress that is crafted and source using raw materials—everything from the threads to the zippers whose fabric comes from a 90-year-old, family-owned textile mill in the Carolinas. The finishing touches are then completed in Southern California before it is delivered directly to you.


About Tuft and Needle

Started in 2012 by John-Thomas Marino & Daehee Park who were unhappy with the $3,300 plus mattress whose features didn't meet their expectations. They knew that their needed to be change in the industry as they learned how much it costs to actually make a mattress and how incredibly it is marked up (generally between 8-12 times the cost!). They founded the company with their savings in hopes of creating one that existed when they needed it the most.

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This includes amazing attention to detail and quality that I've never experienced before. We have been testing out their king-sized mattress - opting for a 10" thick mattress where we have been loving the firmness (you can also get a 5" thick mattress) as my body literally feels the weight of the world melt away when I lay in it. Our prior mattress was way too soft and was starting to give my husband and myself back pains as well as always having the feeling of never being comfortable. This 10" thick mattress is also incredibly crafted with its hand layers with CertiPur-approved, low-VOC polyurethane foam that the company states will retain its firmness and shape for years. They are also made with natural cotton fibers that are eco-friendly and sustainably grown as well as having foams that are poured and crafted locally in California and are 100% recyclable.

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Since this first review back in 2014, we've now purchased four more mattresses from Tuft and Needle. That's right no freebies, this is how and where I spend my own money. 

There is nothing better that having that feeling of rest and relief at the end of the day, where now, thanks to this incredibly high-quality mattress, I sleep better than I have in years. For a mom of two (almost three), this is an incredible feeling as I can rejuvenate, relax and sleep on an affordable and incredibly crafted mattress.

Get your Tuft & Needle Mattress here.

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