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While the weather is sublime, we implore you to plan one last summer date night before it's too late. We've whipped up a stress-free crab feast that brings sweet sips and seafood together. 

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Plan a Summer Date Night Before It's Too Late

Ordering a Seafood Feast from Goldbelly

How are your date nights going? Here at Momtrends HQ we are struggling to make time for them, but oh when they happen it's as good as gold. Since dinners out are really hard to orchestrate, we absolutely love Goldbelly.

Goldbelly is a company that brings the best restaurants to your home. They have figured out how to ship everything from ice cream to sushi. For this date night we've ordered in crabs. Since I grew up in Maryland, this one is near and dear to me. I used to go crabbing off my back dock. 

Since I can't get to Maryland right now, I'm tapping into my childhood memories with a Goldbelly delivery from Cameron's Crabhouse in Maryland.

Cameron’s Seafood is proud to be a True Blue certified partner which means that they only sell 100% Authentic Maryland crabs. Yes, they do taste different than other crabs, and they do require a certain bit of skill to get the meat out. But is worth the effort to obtain the sweet goodness inside. 

These large blue crabs are caught, steamed to perfection and carefully packed the same day your order ships.

Find our more about GoldBelly here.

What to Drink with Your Summer Crab Feast

What to Drink with Your Summer Crab Feast

For a sweet summer treat, we're drinking one of our summer favorites, a Prosecco pop. Gooseneck Vineyards’ Prosecco gracefully opens with a beautiful straw color coupled with a nose of fresh citrus and whispers of tender apricot. Bubbles tickle gracefully, as prominent notes of pink grapefruit are followed by flutters of green apple. The finish is as relaxing as its label suggests: crisp, refreshing and stylish.

To make this drink, just add your favorite popsicle and dip it into an ice-cold Prosecco

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Setting Up your Perfect Summer Date Night

Setting Up your Perfect Summer Date Night

Setting Your Crab Feast table is easy. This is a messy date night, so no need for anything fancy. We rely on butcher paper for our linens. To add some "spice" to the table, we used an empty Old Bay canister for our flower arrangement. Isn't it cute! And it will look great long after the date is over. 

Don't forget to put on something cute, it doesn't have to be fancy, check out this idea for inspiration.

We hope this theme inspires you. Don't worry, there's going to be more coming soon!

Don't forget to order your Gooseneck wine online here

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Be sure to use Pinterest to save your favorite ideas for date night. And for more Summer Fun, be sure to follow this board.

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