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Time for some design daydreaming Brandon Smith is principal of the San Diego based spatial design company D.Coop. Focusing on sustainable, workable and budget friendly design, he provides In The Box solutions to Out of the Box questions. Today he's musing about sleep or the lack there of that's got him dreaming about luxurious beds.

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It's all about the perfect bed  

But this is lucky for you because it meant becoming a designer rather than a nuclear physicist or an inventor or maybe even an accountant.

Instead, I'm a letters guy. I can dig letters. I like them singularly. Like the letter 'V.' That one's easy; it stands for Victory. Or Vodka. There's the letter 'B' for Blonde-Over-Worked-Underpaid-Designer. And I really get into letters used in combinations. Like OCD. I'm not getting into that group but those of you in the know, well you know. But my favorite? The one that I love the most but never seem to get enough, the letter Z. Well actually it is only Z for short but in reality is more like Zzzzz. The more baby z's after the big Z the happier I am.

I think you all can agree with me, however, that regardless of the regard that I (and yourselves) may hold for the letter Z, ultimately the other 26 letters of the alphabet win out in most every other situation (especially that danged OCD you try arranging your pantry while you're asleep!). Let's face it, the letter Z (and any combination of Z's) is akin to being the proverbial Jan Brady, under appreciated, often unvisited, the weird middle child wearing braces and hand-me-downs. And this only rings truer during the holiday season.

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Of course, I feel guilty because I've shown the other letters more love the past few weeks. Like S. The last few days I've been cracking on space plans for a school and have seen the number 3 followed by 'AM' on my clock way too many times this week. Or 'P'. Because my Mother-in-law thinks staying up is a competition that she's to win (to my detriment). Wait. This is starting to sound like an Anne Rice novel.


So today, I'm asking that you raise a glass of warm milk or tea or whatever relaxes you (just please do not do this while driving or operating heavy machinery) down an Ambien, stare at some photos of awesome beds in which I'd like to curl up, and toast to the letter 'Z'Because we all know the letter 'Z'

Images via: For the Love of Gold, Seth Smoot, VT Interiors, Sweet Home Style, Curated by Design


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