Keeping Your Neighborhood Safe This Holiday Season

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Tis the season to have deliveries stolen from your stoop. But coming together with your neighbors and respectfully working with law enforcement can ensure law, order, peace, and quiet. Here are a few top tips to keep your home and belongings safe.

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  • Follow a 9 p.m. routine. “If you park your car in the driveway at night, make life difficult for vandals and criminals by removing any valuables and making sure it’s locked. Then, go around the house and ensure all its doors and windows are locked. Double check your garage door to make sure it’s closed. And turn on the porch light.”
  • Pay attention to what’s captured by your video doorbell or security camera. “Those cameras may catch a suspicious or unusual incident at a neighbor’s home. If you see it, report it. And be willing to share that video with police, if asked.”
  • Don’t allow little things to escalate. “You may feel like something is too small and insignificant to report. But working together means preventing the little things from getting bigger. So, if you see a deteriorating building or litter accumulating, speak up. Contact the city code inspector, your mayor’s action center or the police department if it’s a police issue.”
  • Back a youth program. “Many independent nonprofits coordinate with local police departments to run youth programs such as explorer programs and athletic leagues, with officers volunteering as instructors or coaches. Supporting those programs with your time and donations strengthens your local police department and enriches the lives of youth in your community.”
  • Volunteer for your local law enforcement agency. “It’s now easier than ever to find out how. NPA maintains a YouTube page detailing available volunteer opportunities. They are also listed on the NPA’s website.
  • Thank a police officer. “For many police officers, one of the most unexpected surprises is when someone approaches them to say thank you. Any show of public gratitude or respect is surprising and unbelievably impactful.”

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