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When given the option, I usually choose a crisp glass of rosé, a white-wine spritzer, or a refreshingly fruity cocktail on a hot summer afternoon or balmy evening. But, every once in a while, I crave a icy cold summer beer. Something light, fizzy, and thirst-quenching... Nothing too heavy or hoppy; maybe a lager with a touch of citrus or a sweet fruity infusion.

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Keep Cool with Our Favorite Summer Beers

My number one favorite: Brooklyn Summer Ale. It's my ideal of wheat and malt flavors with floral accents. Give me a NYC sunset and a Brooklyn summer—and I'm one happy lady.

I've rounded up my five top picks for summer beers—from the traditional to the totally unique... Cheers!

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Our Five Favorite Summer Beers

  1. Poolside Ale: I admit it... I judge a book by its cover and a beer by its packaging. And this cute design has me smitten. But the slight cherry taste also wins me over! 
  2. Red Stripe: Close your eyes, and you'll think you're on a Jamaican island. This classic Caribbean beer is refreshing and crisp on a blazing hot day. 
  3. Brooklyn Summer Ale: I'm partial to this one since it's made in Brooklyn, home of Momtrends and The Shopping Mama. Still, this cold varietal is as deliciously smooth as they get. 
  4. Pacifico: Served with a lime wedge, this Mexican beer is a sight for sore eyes and a taste for thirsty tongues. 
  5. Narragansett Shandy: It's like a frozen lemonade and beer in one—what's not to love?!


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