With the start of autumn comes the influx of coats and scarves, rain wellies and umbrellas, team-sports gear, sweaters and boots. It’s time to make sure that there is a designated spot for all of these things in your mudroom or hall closet. Or else, you know what happens? You’ll soon find a pile of ‘stuff’ right behind the door, spilling into your living space.  Mess begets more mess, so that's why it's important to get ahead of the clutter--you know, before it takes over the whole house. Think it's too late to instill a system of organization? No time the present! We're sharing some super easy-to-instill tips to conquer the STUFF at clear out your home's entrance. Today is the day you take back your mudroom.

  • Use baskets to keep everyone’s smaller items separated and organized. If you have space for a bench, you can store the baskets underneath it, out of the way but still accessible.
  • Hooks make a good spot to hang backpacks and baseball caps, after school. If you have a shelf in your entrance or mudroom, hanging hooks under it is a great start!
  • An elegant umbrella stand is just the ticket to keep those out of the way.
  • Include a boot rack or a mat for muddy boots, so that you don’t find footprints all over the floor!
  • Have a basket for slippers so that everyone remembers to put those on after they take off your boots (keep an extra few pairs of hotel style slippers on hand for guests too!)

This is not a sponsored post. Thank you to Marty Basher, home organization expert for ModularClosets.com, for these top tips. 

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