Putting away groceries often becomes a of a game of shoving and squeezing to fit everything in. It's a veritable game of foodie Tetris to make everything work. And then there’s the struggle to get the one thing you need that is hidden in the back. (Crash, boom, bang. No use crying over spilled milk--literally.) 

I'm no organizing guru, but Jen Jones of iHeart Organizing certainly is. And she has some amazing and easy hacks to get you and your fridge in tip-top shape. 

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  • Organize your fridge into categories so that everything is quick easy to find. For example, group all of the condiments, leftovers, beverages together in a specific spot.
  • Prepare quick kits to help with daily food prep. Put together a bin for breakfast with eggs, avocado and cheese, a bin for lunch making essentials with deli meat, tomatoes and mayo and a bin filled with grab-and-go snacks.
  • Use clear storage containers and bins whenever possible for a quick visual inventory.
  • Smaller Lazy Susans are great for jars and bringing items from the back to the front. I love using these in awkward spaces, so jars and containers don't get lost near the back.
  • Understand where is best to store items based on the temperature. Fruits and veggies are best in the crisper and meat & dairy in the center of the fridge. Once you’ve chosen it’s spot try to get in a routine, so it’s always in the same location.
  • Dry erase and chalk markers can be used on glass containers to add temporary dates, which is great for leftovers or make-ahead meals. For plastic, add the date to the container with a piece of tape and a pen. Glass containers are also nice to prevent food smells and stains from seeping into the containers or the rest of the fridge.

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are our own. 

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