Day camp ended today for my son. School starts in 12 days, and the evening weather has a refreshing breeze to it. No doubt: fall is on its way; a favorite season for spending outdoor time together as a family--furry sibling included.

This is also the best time of year to prep your living landscape for spring. 

Here’s what you need to do now to have a fabulous and pupproved family yard this fall and beyond.

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Remove Leaves: Mulching your leaves rather than raking and bagging is good for your lawn and the environment. As shredded leaves decompose, they feed your lawn, naturally.

Aerate the Family Lawn: Aerating prevents soil from becoming compacted and covered with thatch - a thick layer of roots, stems and debris that blocks water, oxygen and nutrients from reaching the soil.

Mow at the Right Height: Keep cutting your grass until the first hard frost. Find the just-right length for your species, typically between 2-3 inches, to keep your grass healthy when it turns cold.

Water Wisely: If you’re not getting at least an inch of water a week from Mother Nature, you’ll want to keep watering through the fall. Install watering solutions, such as smart controllers on irrigation systems, to help conserve water.

Check out this infographic for more.


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This is not a sponsored post. Tips courtesy of TurfMutt.

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