The era of living with less is upon us! You can thank the tiny home movement (and all those binge-worthy show) or credit Marie Kondo for encouraging us to pare down. Either way, if you live in a smaller space, you might find that you would rather leverage a closet  to create a usable place to read, work or play--a place to "spark joy!" 

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Here are a few ways you can repurpose an unused closet:

  1. Create small office or craft space: Do you long for an office where you can close the door when you leave it, at the end of the day? Creating that separation between work and home life is doable with something as simple as a large closet and a door. A desk and some light is all you need to create a place where you can work quietly but also leave it behind when you’re done. Or perhaps you’re into crafting and you want to be able to leave tools and projects out, so you can pick them up again where you left off? So often, homes don’t have a space that is conducive to this. You can keep your projects safe and sound and the kids out by leveraging a closet space. Just add a work table and some lighting, as well as a little shelving, and you’ve got the perfect spot to craft to your heart’s content!
  2. A library or reading nook: There is nothing cozier than creating the ultimate reading nook! Hidden away in a closet, with masses of pillows or perhaps a chaise, if space permits, you can go to another world without ever leaving your home. Line one side of the closet with shelving for all of your favorite volumes, giving it that bookish feel that will inspire you to make the time to enjoy a good novel. Make sure your lighting is adequate, and that you have several throws, and perhaps a small side table for your coffee or tea.
  3. A laundry room: Moving your laundry room into a closet has so many upsides: you can put it on the floor that you prefer it on, rather than having it in the basement. You can create a space for storing all your cleaning supplies and detergent and even a folding area for putting the clean laundry! And when you’re all done for the day, you just shut the closet door and you don’t have to look at it all day! Win-win!
  4. A wine storage area: You can go so far beyond a wine rack if you turn a closet into a wine storage area. You can add a small bar, to hold all of your special stemware, your amazing bottle opener and other wine related paraphernalia. When it’s time to choose the perfect bottle for an event or just Tuesday night dinner, you can throw open the doors and look through all your options. If you can run power to the closet, think about adding a wine fridge to keep them at a constant temperature and perfect to drink!
  5. A play space for the kids: Tired of seeing toys everywhere? Turn a closet into a small play space with a cute rug, some storage or shelves and a pillow or two. Kids love tiny spaces to play in! Your kids can spend hours playing in their little hidey hole, and when they’re done? You just shut the door and shut in the mess! It’s a win-win for kids and parents!
  6. A spare room: While this would require a good size walk in closet to be feasible, you might find at some point that you need less room for clothes and would rather create a gorgeous spot for a guest to sleep in. Fill the space with a twin sized bed, a reading lamp that hooks to it and a shelf for personal items and you’ve got the coziest guest bedroom, ready and waiting for an unexpected visit!

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Whether you live in a small space and need to re-imagine every square inch, or you live in a large space and need to fill unused bits, bringing new life to a closet is a great way to get the most out of your home, and enjoy it that much more!

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