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4 Game-Changing Home Essentials You Need Now

These Will Streamline Your Day

The daily grind. From sunrise (when the kids wake up--sigh) to bedtime (when the kids are supposed to go to bed--ugh), we are on the move, on the job, and getting things done. It's all part of the #momlife hustle. 

The second I get out of bed, I'm moving, doing, making, going. It's non stop. I've got to get the kids ready, make myself look presentable, and then tackle about a zillion work, home, and family-related to-dos. 

I barely have time to feed my children and clear the clutter--let alone make nutritious meals and clean the house!

And I know I'm not the only one who feels the pressure. The ladies of Momtrends rely on a few nifty appliances to make our lives a little easier; to streamline our erratic days, and keep us on top of our individual (and collective) games!

We're sharing a few of our favorite must-have home essentials from one of our favorite brands, Shark-Ninja. These are truly game-changers!


The Ninja Intelli-Sense Kitchen System with Auto-Spiralizer

I want to start out the day on a healthy note, but it's not always easy when we're in a crunch for time. Frozen waffles and toast were dominating our morning meal routine, until I was introduced to the Ninja Intelli-Sense Kitchen System with Auto-Spiralizer. Some frozen berries, a banana, a handful of greens, a scoop of yogurt, coconut milk, and bee pollen, and I can whip up a batch of morning smoothies in just 60 seconds. The Intelli-Sense Technology delivers optimal results every time—at the simple tap of a digital screen. 

About a year ago, I tried to get into the "smoothie scene," with a totally adequate blender and my kids were not impressed. In all honesty, I wasn't either. We weren't getting the creamy texture we craved. 


Alas, that changed overnight with the Ninja. Precisely calibrated patterns of pulsing and pausing give me the ideal consistency; our smoothies are lush and rich and smooth without fail. 

But making yummy healthy smoothies is not all this powerful piece of equipment can do. It's pretty much all the kitchen appliances I ever (and never) used in one. Swap out the top attachment, and the base automatically adjusts thanks to it's advanced vessel recognition. In turn, the touchscreen changes to display a unique menu of Smart Programs enabling one Smart Base to become multiple appliances: a blender, a food processor, and a spiralizer. That means I can make everything from snow cones to doughs to ice creams to dips and dressings. But making my own spaghetti-style zucchini noodles is my favorite trick up my sleeve. I sauté them in sauce and my kiddos devour it. They're none the wiser, but, praise Ninja, they're actually eating veggies.   

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The Shark® IONFlex 2X DuoClean Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum

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My colleague Brooke was on the hunt for a slim, light, and portable vacuum that wouldn't be an eye sore in her NYC apartment, and she has finally found it in the Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum. It's a free-standing cord-free vac that can live anywhere. It doesn't fall over, so you can store it in a corner and have it handy for any and all spills and clean-ups.

IMG_2969 (1)

It sucks up everything successfully, from hair to the remnants of black turf (any sports mom out there know what we'e talking about?!) A light enables you to see everything you're sucking up--which is especially rewarding, and you can vacuum any surface seamlessly with just the push of a single button--carpet or floors. It even has max power, but you'll seldom have to use it. 

IMG_2970 (1)

Multiple attachments  make it easy to clean all those hard-to-reach nook and corners--even the fan on her 12 foot ceilings--a job that had previously been neglected. And the fact that it comes with two rechargable batteries, means you won't run out of juice.


Ninja Coffee Bar System 

What would I do without my morning cup(s) of coffee! I'm a self-proclaimed caffeine addict--and proud of it! Mama needs her java to get motivated and I want it to be easy, delicious, and satisfying. I might need to snag myself a Ninja coffee bar system.

Nicole tried one a few years ago and had rave reviews (and she's typically a tea person!).; and the next generation Ninja coffee bar system is even more impressive. The system allows you to make a variety of brew types and sizes. Ninja’s brewing technology enhances the flavor of each individual bean; and I love the pod-free single brew option. A built-in frother gives a luxe finish. Start your day off on the right foot with a cup of delicious coffee and you'll reap the rewards all day long! 

Shark Ion Robot 750

Want to set it and forget it? Then you need the Shark Ion Robot 750. Nicole took this baby for a test spin (and has subsequently not stopped using it!). Check out her video review.

So there you have it! Four game-changers you have to admit to your home. They'll help you save time and you won't know how you survived without them! 

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