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Testing Clorox My Stain App

getting a jump on stains

What's on your homescreen right now? A bunch of apps that you barely use? I admit the meditation app has been gathering virtual dust. Time to de-clutter my phone. I want a apps that work for me and solve problems. Like my calculator, my workout reminder, and my new Clorox® myStainTM!

Here are a couple screen shots:

how to clean chocolate

Pretty cool right?

Clean lines, cool graphics--it's like a little eye candy for your laundry room.

Here's how it works. First make a stain. I'm guessing you're like me and that stains happen all the time.

Next, grab your phone and identify the stain. Tap. Then pick surface or laundry. Tap. Then check out what Clorox has to offer to solve your stain dilemmas--recommended treatment protocol and products.

Clorox stain app

Clorox® myStainTM is like having the power of Google and my mom on my home screen. I don't have stain solutions committed to memory. I usually do one of two things: use Google to find out how to get out red wine stains (hey, they happen when you have a dinner party) or I call my mom up the day after the party and ask her how to clean my brand new napkins. Now stain solutions are just a few taps away (mom, you're off the hook!)

Clorox® myStainTM is an essential app, one that you’ll want to keep at your fingertips.

Getting out a red wine stain

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TIP: Don't let stains sit. Use the small load setting on your washer and get that stained item in the washer as soon as you can. Time is not your friend when it comes to stains. Have a Clorox® Stain Remover 2 pen on hand. The pinpoint accuracy allows you to treat the stain area quickly. Use just enough stain remover to get the job done without having to waste a spray on areas that don't need to be treated.

bleach pen

Some apps are all shiny and pretty without any substance. You may ask: Is the advice helpful or really generic? I was REALLY impressed with the tips for removing ink. Did you know removing ink from a shirt can be a 5-step process? Neither did I. That's probably why ink hasn't come out of our shirts before. We were skipping a step, now I know better.

TIP (this one's is from the app): Rub in hand sanitizer from the outside to keep the ink stain from spreading.

Clorox® myStainTM isn't just for laundry. It's also for your household cleaning needs. I'm going to admit that we do have professional help with housecleaning. But you know what? Stains never seem to happen when the cleaning lady is in the house.

Stains happen in those moments when the kids are quietly playing. Little lady #1 is an artist. Her desk is usually littered with art supplies and glitter. She loves to craft and create. However, her artistic enthusiasm sometimes bleeds over to her desk. It's a nice white laminated desk and it takes abuse.

crayon messes
clorox wipes

Here's what MyStain suggested for cleaning: REMOVE the excess crayon. WIPE with Clorox® Disenfecting Wipes®. RINSE with water and suggest "another canvas" or working on a splat mat.

TIP: Keep a set of handy travel-sized wipes near the art supplies. Then teach your little Georgia O'Keefe to clean up after (of course only if she is old enough to be trusted around cleaning supplies).

Let's all vow to get rid of the apps cluttering our screens and NOT adding a whole lot to life. Download the app here and save it to your home screen for your next stain emergency. Available for Android or iPhone

clorox stain remmovers

This is a sponsored post. All images are my own. This post is not scripted.

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