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Introducing Shark Sonic Duo

Shark duo sonic

I’ve got a new weapon in the battle against stuck-on dirt. Meet the Shark Sonic Duo ($249.99). I’m in high gear when it comes to spring cleaning. Not only does keeping things tidy help me stay organized, it’s all helping me fight allergy attacks for my daughter and I. It’s sneeze central time in my home.

I know that regularly cleaning my floors will not only improve the look of my floors, but it will also help arm us during allergy season. But here’s the thing. I don’t have a ton of time to devote to cleaning and I really don’t want it to be drudgery. The Sonic Duo from Shark Cleaning is the first total floor cleaning system that effortlessly cleans hard floors and carpets unlike anything on the market. It’s kind of a cleaning revolution.

You know all those multi-tasking beauty products we love? Like moisturizer with sunscreen in it. Well, the Sonic Duo is just like the moisturizing self-tanner you swear by. It can whip both your carpets and your hard floors into shape with ease. In fact, it’s safe for all floor surfaces including area rugs, tile, marble, stone, laminate and linoleum**.

In addition to working great, it’s not a beast to maneuver. I am able to zip around my house quickly with this light-weight machine. Since I’m all about style, I don’t like to break out in a sweat while I am cleaning. The Sonic Duo glides over floors and carpets with ease. Don’t you love great results without arduous effort?

Shark did a ton of testing before they released this and according to the results, hard floors look and feel cleaner than with Swiffer WetJet®. I’ll be conducting my own tests at home too. In addition to my normal routine, I’ll be tossing some cleaning challenges into the mix--such as attempting to remove stuck-on dirt from carpets.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing my spring cleaning tips and my tricks to keeping your home looking fabulous with Shark. The goal is to make cleaning more fun and effortless than it’s ever been before. Here are a couple tips to kick things off:

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TIP: Aim to vacuum the carpeted areas in your home once per week. Hit the high traffic areas twice weekly--this is a great quick job for kids.

TIP:For optimum clean and shine, plan a weekly wash of your hardwood floors. Pick a day of the week and add it into your routine. Thursday is our big clean up.

What you get:

  • Activating Pretreater Carpet Stain and Odor Remover
  • Two reusable bottles for carpet and hard floor cleaning solutions
  • Low Moisture -No-Rinse-Carpet Cleaner
  • Wood and Hard Floor Cleaner
  • Wood and Hard Floor Polish
  • Carpet/Rug Cleaning Pad
  • Hard Floor Cleaning Pad
  • Hard Floor Polishing Pad
  • Carpet Scrub ‘n StainTM Pad
  • Storage Tray

Get ready to see the Shark Sonic Duo in action. For more information until then, visit and follow the buzz with Shark on and Twitter @SharkCleaning

Full Disclosure: I’m thrilled to be serving as an Euro-Pro Ambassador this spring. I’ll be sharing cleaning tips and demos inspired by my testing of Shark products. While this is a sponsored post, it is not scripted. *Test results are based on independent comparison testing against Swiffer WetJet®.**When used as directed.

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