Ways to Make Your Holiday Guests Feel Welcome


As we prepare for Thanksgiving and beyond, it's likely that we'll be welcoming holiday guests into our homes. I just love all the quality time opportunities this time of year provides and that includes having loved ones come stay with us. I'm sure many of you already have plans for a holiday guest or two as well, so I thought I would round up some ideas to help you welcome them into your home. And it's all in the details...These thoughtful little details will help ensure that your guests enjoy your space!


Don't neglect the nightstand...You want to make the place your guests retire to in the evening as comfortable as possible. Something as simple as placing a water pitcher and a glass on their nightstand will go a long way. You certainly don't want your holiday guests to have to go fumbling around in the kitchen in the middle of the night.


Wi-fi password printable...And speaking of the nightstand, even though we may try to unplug when we're on vacation, you know most people want to be able to at least get their Instagram fix at night. Haha! So, a framed wi-fi password displayed on your guest room nightstand would be a most welcome addition I'm sure!


Set up a coffee bar...I assume you're a picture perfect hostess so you'll be offering your guests something to drink regularly, but wouldn't it be nice if they could just sidle up to a DIY coffee bar and help themselves to some refreshments? I like to keep out some tasty snacks and coffee fixings at all times during the holiday season, especially when I have guests in the house!

So, as you make your holiday plans I hope these easy ideas help you welcome your holiday guests to your home!

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