How to Style Your College Dorm Room


Ah, college. I remember the days of dorm room living where I could outstretch my arms in my tiny New York City "apartment" and touch both walls. But those walls were mine! And the little bit of freedom that was bestowed upon me in my new home was glorious. I took advantage of making it my own and finding my style---which is what every college kid wants to do.

I was inspired by a nautical theme and gathered a few items to get your college-bound child ready for their dorm room:



Fabric Bins...Bins are the perfect college dorm room accessory. You can put anything in them from clothes to books and they come in every color under the sun.

Storage Boxes: Boxes are helpful too. You can use them as file holders, trinket boxes, or to stow office supplies.

dorm room storage

Jewelry: Jewelry holders are always nice to have around. I can't tell you how many earrings I've lost---but these little dishes are great reminders to put your baubles in a proper place.

mermaid ring holder jewlery holder for college room


You're most likely not allowed to paint or put up anything that requires screws. But you can add some flair to the walls with a few fun items.

Art: Posters are a college staple. Crank up the style by choosing one that has every cetacean on earth. Or perhaps one that shows the insanely great history of Apple.

Placemats: Adding a colorful placemat to a desk or table can change the room immensely. It makes it instantly cozy and adds a pop of color to an otherwise bland room. Think of them like mini rugs for your desks and tables.

Stickers: Removable wall stickers are super trendy and these gold confetti dots can make a plethora of fun designs.

wall pops art mirrors college dorm room wall

Mirrors: Adding mirrors to any space opens it up. Try using mirrors in different shades. These also have an interesting shape which personalizes the space.

We hope our ideas helped. Good luck letting your babies go off to college. Find happiness in knowing they'll have a super stylish room!

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