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The Official Start of the Alfresco Season

Alfresco Entertaining Inspiration

It's Friday! Better yet, it's the Friday before a three-day weekend! MDW is officially upon us, and that means the unofficial kick-off to the social season has arrived. Time to break out those white pants and shoes you've been saving, hose off the patio furniture, and embrace all things fun, sun, and summer...

We're going to be spending a portion of the weekend getting our backyard in tip-top shape. Right now, it's just a big open lawn. We've got to put together our new barbecue, buy new cushions for our outdoor dining set, and add some mood lighting! I can't wait to hose picnics and parties and BBQs and neighborhood gatherings all season long. Not to mention, we just snagged the cutest pint-size Adirondack chairs for the kiddos, and I can't wait to debut them!

To celebrate the official start of the "alfresco" season, I've pulled some seriously inspiring images of some truly fabulous outdoor spaces--and given you a cheat-sheet of the must-haves for creating an inviting open-air entertaining area.


outdoor movie screen

Photo via

Okay, the DIY movie screen might not be in the cards (bonus points if it is!), but you can still set up a super cozy spot for Netflix and chilling (BYO, laptop). The key is to layer lots of blankets and plush poufs and throw pillows over an outdoor rug.


planter wall

Photo via PopSugar

Turn a blank wall into a lush vertical garden with a trellis and some basic sliver buckets or hanging planters. This is a great way to liven up a small outdoor space. (We're talking to you NYC dwellers!)


outdoor armoire

Photo via HGTV

Not sure what to do with that old armoire or baker's rack that's been collecting dust in yoru home? Repaint, repurpose, and recycle it into something totally new and fabulous and create your own little outdoor bar scene.

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shed dining space

Photo via WooHome

Have you always wanted to re-do your home but didn't have the time, money, or patience? Test the waters with a mini home makeover. Empty out that cute little house-shaped shed and transform it into an indoor-outdoor dining space.


blanket basket

Photo via StyleCaster

Now this is something you can definitely do! Roll some cozy blankets and put them in basket for guests to grab and cuddle as the evening cools down.



Photo via StyleCaster

Cold drinks are always an entertaining essential. Display them in a unique and fun way. We love the idea of upcycling a red-wagon (who doesn't have a Radio Flyer?!) and transforming it into a stylish champagne holder.



Photo via BlogLovin

Mood lighting is a must to set the scene for an alfresco entertaining space. Lanterns, candles, and string lights are a few ways to illuminate the area and establish ambiance.

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