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Make-Your-Bed Day

6 Reasons to Make Your Bed Every Day

Tangent Alert... Yesterday, was my son's first full day of Kindergarten. We got a late start and it was the first of what will surely be many manic mornings. We plucked multiple outfits out of the closet, hauled a million toys into the living room, and ransacked every cabinet and shelf and drawer, looking for snacks and lunches and folders and crayons and, well, #allthethings. Good news: we made it to the drop-off line on time. Bad news: the mess and mayhem left in the wake of our whirlwind prep was epic. And I should mention that we live in a cozy cottage-style house—so when it explodes, it REALLY explodes.

Of course, it's natural to have some chaos with two kids at home—so I didn't stress the mess. I figured I'd clean it all up when my two year old and I came home from her big one-on-one preschool teacher meet and greet. But fifteen minutes after we arrived at her new nursery school, her teacher called to ask where we were. Turns out this was a "home visit," and her teacher was waiting outside our messy, stinky, seemingly burglarized home, .. "Don't worry, I'll wait for you."

So, yes, minutes later, I found myself ushering Mrs. F inside our abominable abode where she politely sat on our cracker-crumb-coated couch and graciously disregarded the piles of dirty laundry, the cluttered counter tops, and the fact that every single kitchen cabinet door was left ajar.

Long (mortifying) story short, while she tried to engage with my daughter, all I really wanted to do was ask her to tour my bedroom. (I know, I know. Awkward.) But if she could just see my clean, pristine, totally inviting boudoir she'd totally know I'm not a complete and utter slob. She'd see that I'm a clean, tidy "perfect mom"(ha!) ... Alas, I didn't want to make the situation any more uncomfortable—so we remained in the littered living room for the duration of her stay.

The point is: despite the inevitable surrounding destruction in our home, my bedroom remains my sparkling sanctuary. I avoid letting the kids in there during the day and keep it in tip-top shape, no matter what. And that brings me to my bed—because it's typically made and finished every day.

I'm certainly not rigid about my bed-making routine, but I do try to make it happen most mornings. We're not talking hospital corners, here—but I fix the sheets, throw up the duvet, and arrange my decorative pillows. It takes about 60 seconds total, so it's something I can do no matter how berserk the kids are acting or how little time we have to accomplish everything. There's something so satisfying about starting each morning (and ending each night!) with a clean slate and a freshly made bed.

Nicole's heavenly bed.

Nicole's heavenly bed.

I know I'm not alone. Our own Nicole is on "Team Make the Bed" as well. She says, "It's the one thing I can do to add order to my universe each day. And I can wash my face each night before bed." (That's a whole other post for another day!)

twitter poll

We recently performed an informal Twitter poll, asking our followers to tell us which side of the bed-making spectrum they fall on. The results? Almost half of our respondents said they make their bed every day, while 36 percent said they generally don't and 20 percent said they do "sometimes."

Don't really understand why we even care?

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Well, in addition to tomorrow being National Make Your Bed Day, we, at Momtrends, believe that it's the little things that can make the biggest impact on your day...

So, duvet us a favor, and indulge us by reading our top six reasons to "get your sheet together" tomorrow morning...

It Sets You Up for Success: Are you a fan of to-do lists? Imagine starting your morning off with an instant check mark on your very first task of the day. That instant sense of accomplishment is rewarding, and helps to get your groove in gear and set you in motion. In a now viral commencement speech, Admiral William H. McRaven of the U.S. Navy told the graduates of the University of Texas, that making your bed daily, "will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task, and another, and another. And by the end of the day that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed."

It's a Good Lesson for the Kids: Lead by example. Eat fruits and veggies, and your kids will follow suit. Exercise moderately, and your little people will adopt the healthy habit. Put in the effort to make your bed in the morning, and the kids will see you prioritize your home, your lifestyle, and your comfort. You might still have to beg and press and plead with them to make their own beds, but, hey, it's a start!

A Made Bed Is Cozier at Bedtime: Know that blissful feeling when you climb into a hotel bed on your first night of vacation? You can have that same endorphin rush every single night of the year at home. 

It Could Reduce Allergies: Covering the sheets will expose it to less allergen, hair, fibers, and dust during the day, potentially helping to protect those with bad allergies. Now that's nothing to sneeze at! (Update: there are two sides to this argument! Read why some scientists say making the bed promotes more allergies.)

 Blogger Staci Salazar's beautifully made bed.

Blogger Staci Salazar's beautifully made bed.

It Just Looks Nice: Our media friend and top blogger Staci Salazar says that she started making her bed daily when she got a new bed set she loved. She enjoyed looking at it, and, soon enough, making the bed became a regular routine and daily habit. And now that her master bedroom is right off the living room, she leaves the door open for everyone to see her gorgeous Magnolia Home shiplap bed.

Avoid the "Snowball Effect": Just as mess begets more mess, neatness begets more neatness. If you see a clean well-made bed, you're more likely to want to make the rest of the room look just as nice and nifty. And then the rest of the house too!

On the flip side, we know it's not at the top of everyone's priority list ... Our friend, fellow blogger and media mama, Crissy Page of Dear Crissy says this: "I literally could not care less about my bed being made every day. I am really badass-good at a lot of stuff in life, but that's not one of them, and I am not ashamed. Haven't you ever read those blog posts about artists and creatives being disorganized and messy? I cling to this."

So, fret not, Mamas. If you fall in the 56 percent of non daily bed makers, we STILL love and support you... and we've got good news: you just may be an artistic genius!

Better yet, based on this, my daughter's new preschool teacher definitely thinks I'm a creative savant...

This is not a sponsored post.

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