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Hey DIYers, are you looking to create a fun accent wall in your house (maybe in the nursery?)--we connected with a great designer to get tips on How-To Create a Chevron Wall.

Just as much as we love we have an admiration for clothing, we also have a love of gorgeous home decor. To inspire some DIY projects, Kyle Schuneman, author of The First Apartment Book, shared the scoop with us on how to create cool and unique designs in very small spaces. Here is his step-by-step guide to creating a beautiful Chevron Wall.

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How-To Create a Chevron Wall

What You Need
Measuring tape
1 sheet of scrap paper
Paint roller
Painter'??s tape

Step 1
Measure the width and height of your wall.

Step 2
Using scrap paper and these measurements, we'll figure out how to divide up the wall. (It's easier to sketch your measurements on paper first, before marking the wall.) I wanted three big stripes, so I divided the wall into three horizontal sections and six vertical sections. The number of vertical sections should be double the horizontal to keep the zigzag ratio even.

Step 3
Each of the 18 boxes you created by dividing your wall horizontally and vertically will contain its own "V"
since a chevron stripe is really just a series of V's. My stripe was 20 inches wide, so I centered that 20-inch measurement on both sides of my box, making a mark to designate the top and bottom of my stripe. Then I marked the middle point of the bottom line on my box, measured up 20 inches from there, and made another mark. Repeat these measurements in each of the 18 boxes.

Step 4
Now that you have the measurements for your chevron stripe on paper, transfer those to the wall. Make a small mark at the appropriate points, and play 'connect the dots' with painter's tape.

Step 5
Tape your V's up the wall first, and then move to the next vertical section. Be sure to tape
sharp corners on the side of the tape that will be touching paint.

Step 6
Apply at least two coats of paint to the appropriate sections. Let dry for twenty minutes.

Step 7
Remove your tape and clean up any accidental drips. Let the paint dry for at least two hours before touching.

How-To Create a Chevron Wall: Design ideas

For more information, please visit: HauteLook and Kyle's site.

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