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Angie's List Free Access to Reviews

Angies List Announcment

After 21 years, it's now free to join Angie's List. Homeowners like me are celebrating this new access to 10 million verified reviews from Angie's List members. To celebrate and spread the news, Founder and CMO, Angie Hicks held a splashy party at a breathtaking Chelsea NYC home.

The team from Angie's List filled the house with ideas on managing home repairs and making modern life easier. We got gardening tips, ideas for decorating and tricks for cutting costs on home repairs.


On my house tour, I also got a demo of the new and improved (and FREE!) interface on my iPhone. You probably already know Angie's List is a leading provider of reviews. You might not have known that they have special deals for members and price guarantees. The site is easy to navigate and intuitive.

Check it out:

Angie's List Free Access

From housecleaning and pet care, to roofers and plumbers, Angie’s List knows that home is where the heart is. For moms like me, we can save loads of time using the powerful network of reviews that Angie's List has gathered.

Here's a situation I face, we need to have our water heater repaired. I don't have service contract with anyone, and my close friends didn't have any ideas. So I popped on my phone and logged onto Angie’s List to my find the local providers, get contact information and read the reviews. It's such an easy resource.

When I signed-up for free on I also get access to savings. Some of the providers offer exclusive savings and discounts. The power is awesome and I'm more effective and efficient than ever. Oh, did you know you can also find hairdressers and organizers? All the personal services you could possibly imagine are on Angie's List. There are 700 service categories on Angie's List.

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The NEW Angie's List Membership Levels

• GREEN: free-of-charge access to companies in more than 700 service categories; nationwide access to more than 10 million verified consumer reviews; and monthly digital form of the company’s magazine.

• SILVER: includes all green features plus fair price guarantee and service quality guarantee, exclusive discounts, chat and email customer support, a bimonthly print version of the magazine for $24.99 a year.

• GOLD: includes all green and silver features plus complaint resolution process and customer support via phone for $99.99 a year.

Benefits planned to be added in the coming quarters include tools for project pricing, scheduling, and financing (through partnerships), handyman chat line, a home emergency service line, instant hiring, as well as eCommerce savings.

Angie's List Founder

Details I Love

The To-Do list is awesome. When we got a digital preview of the new and improved site, I loved the ability to manage a list of projects I want to get done. I can't wait for this feature to go live.

What's on your to-do list? With unparalleled access to reviews, you'll feel super-productive as you come up with solutions at your fingertips.

Visit for more information.

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