The $34 Christmas Card

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Mr. Momtrends and I were thinking about our holiday card last night and we pulled out an inspiration file. In it was this great-looking tree of life card from Bernard Maiser. So I went to to check it out. Turns out this card is $34...for a single card.
Since we order a couple hundred cards, that would be oh....more than $6000 to send greetings to our friends. Now I'm sure this card is "highly labor intensive, requiring up to eight press runs,"--but really in this season of people reeling from the recession I can't imagine who is sending these out. There was some good news, a less-fancy version is $70 for a set of 8 (and it includes envelops). And if you are interested, the most expensive card I found on his site was a $45 Wheel of Life Card. I think we'll stick to the lovely selection from places like Tiny Prints (starting from just $.69 each!) How much would you spend on a card?

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