Frugal Guide to Gift Packaging

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November is the perfect time to start planning ways to save money and be green for the holidays. Many moms overspend when it comes to wrapping and packaging gifts. I've put together tips to save your cash and some trees this holiday season.

Frugal Guide to Gift Packaging

Time to start saving boxes, bubble wrap and tissue paper. After I open boxes from Zappos and Amazon, I sort and store all the reusable shipping supplies. Thanks to this method, I haven't had to buy bubble wrap in years. This is a huge savings--a 60' roll of wrap will cost at least $10.

Invest in makes personalized ribbon. Instead of buying pricy gift cards, I use this ribbon. The colorful designs say things like "With Love, The Feliciano Family." This is also a great idea for kids birthday party gifts.

Skip the wrapping paper and bag it.  Handled gift bags will get circulated again and again. Wrapping paper on the other had usually get tossed right away.

Ship early. Express shipping is extremely expensive and usually requires more emissions than ground shipping. Get you shopping done early to avoid big fees from the post office and UPS. In the same category, try to opt for small gifts when you have to ship--or the good old gift card!

Reuse last years holiday cards as gift tags. If you don't want to splurge on ribbon, make sure to save up your holiday cards. Simply trim out the cute or beautiful image on the card, punch a hole in the corner, write your message on the blank back and you've just saved yourself $3. Green Daily recommends buying a Tag Paper Punch--great idea.

And for all the boxes you are reusing don't forget to add a pretty bow. This is a trick I learned while working at Ralph Lauren over the holidays. is a paid advertiser on Momtrends, but did not pay for this post.

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